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Microsoft Visual C++ is an IDE developed by Microsoft to let the developers use shared libraries across different platforms. IDE basically means Integrated Development Environment, where developers can build programs for Windows Operating System either in C or C++ language. This is an essential framework in Windows OS so that applications can run without any hiccup. However, at times, the users are unable to run programs because of missing Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package. This creates a huge problem as users are simply unable to open a program, let alone access the features. In such cases, you can contact our Microsoft Professional Support and we can sort out the issue in a jiffy.

Our technical team at Microsoft Support is quite proficient with Windows OS and its many layers of the framework. We can install the specific version of Microsoft Visual C++ on your PC so that programs can run without any issue.

Common Issues with Microsoft Visual C++

Apart from the inability to run programs, users face Windows installation errors as well. This issue has been there since Windows XP and after every iteration of Windows update, this error somehow pops up. Users also report that the Operating System frequently notifies about Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable package missing. Then you must be wondering what is Microsoft Visual C++ and why it isn’t bundled with the OS?

First of all, to build a program, developers have to write code for implementing a basic function. Say, if you are building a calculator application, you have to write a code from scratch to implement addition function. Microsoft tried to solve this problem and developed Microsoft Visual C++ IDE which has shared library feature. This native support for library let the developers write less code for basic functions and can directly import complex functions as well from Microsoft Visual library. Developers just have to call the library and it works.

So when you get errors like Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable package missing, it basically means that the developer built the program in Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 version, hence needs the library of MV C++ 2005 specifically so that program can run without any issue.

Also, the shared packages are called DLLs which is essential for some core Windows function as well. So it’s always better to keep the DLLs updated with the latest package.

Our Services

We are Microsoft Support and have been fixing Microsoft Visual C++ related issues for a decade. Our service is top-notch and consistently ranking among the best in the industry. Our engineers can instantly resolve the package missing issues and can sort out other incompatibility issues.

Remove Obsolete Redistribution Package

If your PC has numerous redistribution package, there is nothing to worry. Every program is built on different versions of Microsoft Visual C++ depending upon the developer’s choice. So to provide library functions for their specific programs, developers install a redistribution package along with the application, hence multiple packages show up in the PC. Over time, there are instances where obsolete packages are installed and those interfere with other programs. Our engineers can remove those redistribution packages carefully so that compatibility remains intact with all the applications.

Manual Installation

Our engineers at Microsoft Support can install the correct version of Microsoft Visual based on your PC’s architecture, either it is 32-bit or 64-bit. If the program is not running and keeps asking for Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 specifically, then we will manually install the particular package of MV C++ 2015 only. We don’t install multiple packages to keep the system clutter-free.

Support For Older Platforms

Besides, we provide support for older versions of MV C++ as well. Microsoft has officially ended its support for the older versions like MV C++ 2005. But we continue to provide assistance so that applications can function properly which are built for older platforms. Whether your PC is on Windows XP or the latest Windows 10, our technicians can install the correct package, so you can enjoy modern applications on your old PC. We also provide support for the latest Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 with bug and security fixes.

Get Reliable Support For Microsoft Visual C++ Issues

Our goal as a service company is to provide 100% customer satisfaction. We do not compromise on quality checks and provide the best resolutions within minutes. The engineers at Microsoft Support are excellent and have enough experience to resolve these issues within minutes. Not only this, our technicians can immediately pinpoint the bugs and diagnose it effectively. Since we have such experienced support team, you do not have to worry at all– your PC is in safe hands.

Technical Engineers

Our engineers are aware of all the technical know-how when it comes to the Windows Operating System. We have a team of engineers who have a deep understanding of Kernel, frameworks and various layers of Windows OS. Our ability to find errors deep into the system is what makes us apart from others. Apart from this, Microsoft Support provides a monthly workshop to technicians so that they are always on the top of the latest Windows documentation.

Immediate Service

We dispense service as soon as we receive a call for support. Our team remains active throughout the day and night to provide support online and onsite as well. Once you call for our service, our priority is to reach your preferred location and fix the issue immediately. While we diagnose issues almost instantly, our technicians never compromise with the quality of service at the same time.

Reasonable Cost

Our service is quite pocket-friendly and we do not charge a hefty amount. As an affordable service provider, we strictly adhere to charging a reasonable amount, so the customers can get service without any financial strain. We also take customer’s budget into consideration and bill accordingly. At Microsoft Support, you do not have to worry about cost at all. Our main motive is to provide quality service minimizing the cost as much as we can.

Call Microsoft Support For Instant Help

You can connect with our support through multiple channels. Call us directly at Microsoft Support number +1-888-869-4549 and discuss the issues at hand without any waiting time. Besides, you can directly chat with our technicians through the chat portal and get some basic guide to resolve Microsoft Visual C++ issues. Apart from this, our email is also open. You can directly mail us at Microsoft Support official ID [email protected]  and we will get back to you in moments.

If you want a swift resolution to your PC issues, do not hesitate and contact our team. Our Microsoft Support Team assures you that our high-standard services will overwhelm you. So dial us anytime and experience a stress-free service at your doorstep.