Solution when Kakao Talk notification doesn’t come up

When changing or updating your KakaoTalk settings, it often happens that the Kakao Talk notification doesn’t go off for an unknown reason.

Only the owner of the phone knows the exact reason, but it can be frustrating when things change without your knowledge!

Below, we’ll show you how to troubleshoot what’s going on when your KakaoTalk notifications don’t go off.

Check your Kakao Talk notification settings

1. Check your overall KakaoTalk notification options

2. Check your individual chat room settings

3. Check your smartphone settings

If you’re getting a steady stream of KakaoTalk messages but no notifications, there are three things you need to check.

Check all Kakao Talk notification options

The first thing you need to check when your KakaoTalk notifications don’t go off is your KakaoTalk notification settings.

To do this, tap the gear icon in the top right corner of your KakaoTalk screen, and then tap the menu called [General Settings].

Once you tap the [Notifications] menu, you can enable notifications such as sound, vibration, and reply message notifications.

Recently, my son installed an app while looking at my wife’s mobile phone, searched for Naver, and then turned off the KakaoTalk notification, which was solved through this setting method.

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Check individual chat room settings

The second option is to check your KakaoTalk notification settings if you’re only getting notifications from specific chats.

Firstly, go to your chat list and look for a bell icon next to the name of that chat room.

If the bell icon looks like a diagonal line, it means you’re not getting notifications from that chat!

In this case, press and hold the chat room name for at least 3 seconds to bring up the “Turn on chat room notifications” menu, which you can tap to activate notifications.

Check your smartphone settings

Finally, if you’ve tried the first and second methods and nothing else works, you can check your phone’s alarm status through your smartphone’s settings menu.

Tap the [Settings] menu on the desktop and go to the Applications menu. From there, select the KakaoTalk app and check if the notification says “Blocked”.

If it does, click on it to enable the “Receive Notifications” feature, which will resolve your KakaoTalk notifications.

It’s not difficult to resolve KakaoTalk notifications, but it can be frustrating when they suddenly stop going off!

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