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[Fixed] Avast UI Failed To Load Error Message

Avast is a popular antivirus, which protects your devices from viruses, malware, etc. It also acts as a shield between the system and online spam to protect your valuable data from hacking. To work with Avast, it is essential to update the program from time to time. However, many users are encountering an error “Avast…

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How To Resolve ‘Asus Smart Gesture Not Working’ Issue?

New Asus laptops are designed with a Smart Gesture feature. This tool is an advanced trackpad or touchpad that supports multi-touch gesture support. Asus Smart Gesture saves a lot of your time and effort but, many functions can’t be performed if it doesn’t detect the touch of your fingers. This advanced trackpad is not free…

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[Resolved] HP Laptop Touchpad Not Working On Windows 10

Is your HP laptop touchpad not working while working on Windows 10? If the answer is yes, you are not the only one who is facing this issue. Often, the touchpad of your HP laptop may not respond or stop working due to an internal problem. There are multiple reasons why this issue occurs. Some…

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How To Fix PS4 Nat Type Failed Error? Step By Step Guides

Do you love playing on your PS 4? Most probably you do. Because PS 4 is like a part of life for many casual and household party gamers. But you have been experiencing bad connection and error messages like “ PS4 Nat type failed”?   We know it becomes really frustrating when during the game, you…

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sihost.exe Unknown Hard Error On Windows 10 [Solved]

Windows users often face a notification “sihost.exe – System Warning Unknown Hard Error” after upgrading to Windows 10. This message indicates that an error may have occurred while you were trying to play a game or run a program.   Sometimes, this error comes in various forms such as “Explorer.exe unknown hard error” and “Ctfmon.exe unknown…

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[Resolved] Feature Update To Windows 10 Version 1709 Failed To Install

Many users are frequently encountering certain errors while installing the Windows 10 Feature Update. While proceeding with this process, they often confront an error notification saying “The update fails to install or the update downloading procedure is stuck”. Such error can also occur due to another important Windows update, also known as “Fall Creators Update”.…

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How To Fix Application Load Error 5:0000065434

Application load error 5:0000065434 means there are certain issues with its directory. It is a common error that appears while starting a game on the Steam platform. Once affected, this error can stop you from playing in Steam.  This error can also occur if the system is not able to find the location of the…

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How To Resolve Adobe Error Code 1002 On Windows 10

Adobe Creative Cloud is considered as one of the best photo editing software. But while using it you might confront a random error notification.  Several users reported that they often face the Adobe error code 1002 while using the apps on their computers. When this error occurs, then users become unable to use the Adobe…

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[Fixed] Your System Is Heavily Damaged By Four Virus

Nowadays, we are attached to our smartphones more rather than laptops or notebooks. But we are still not capable of ignoring browser hijackers. Hackers are innovating new ideas to infect our device and steal valuable data from us. One of their achievements is the Four virus.  Many of us used to watch these fake alert…

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