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Xbox One Controller Won’t Connect To PC: Avail Quick solution

Xbox one is an advanced gaming platform which offers multiple features designed by Microsoft. Although it provides such great features, sometimes you can encounter an unusual problem. The most common problem that users get is the ‘Xbox One controller won’t connect to Pc.’ If you too are facing the same problem, then no need to panic as it is easy to resolve this issue.

While dealing with such errors, it is good to seek professional help. We have trained professionals at Microsoft Support have years of experience in the technical profile. You can seek help from us anytime you want. Read this article, to know about some of the generic solutions.

The Probable Causes of ‘Xbox One Controller Won’t Connect To PC’

Xbox one controller offers several ways to connect to a computer like by using Bluetooth, Xbox adapter or by USB cable. But sometimes, the problem like an Xbox One controller won’t connect to Pc may arise. Let us have a look at some of the most probable reasons-

  • If you are trying to connect Xbox One to the PC through Bluetooth, then be sure that you are using Windows 10 with an installed update. Because bluetooth works with the Windows 10 updated. It may be one of the reasons why the Xbox One controller won’t connect to Pc.
  • Another reason may be that there is a connection issue which leads the Pc not recognizing the controller at all. So, ensure that the connection is smooth.
  • Also, if there is any outdated driver in your system, it will lead to the Xbox One controller won’t connect to Pc.

Make sure that the necessary drivers are updated in your pc.

Ways To Solve Xbox One Controller Won’t Connect To PC Issue

Now, let us see how we can fix Xbox one controller not connecting to pc.


The first method you should do is to check that the drivers are updated or not. Go to the device manager; click on Microsoft  Xbox One controller and expand it. Select the option of update driver software, and click on the ‘search automatically’ tab for updating the software.


Another method is to check whether you are using the right USB cable or not. Sometimes, USB cable might be the reason why your Xbox One controller is not connecting to Pc. Make sure that you are using the right USB cable. For Xbox One controller you should use a micro USB cable which should connect properly with your system.

Performing the above steps, you will be able to resolve your issue. If you still face the problem, then you should take professional help from our expert Microsoft Support team.

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