Eliminate Windows Error Code 0xc000007b With These Proven Methods

Whenever the users encounter Windows error code 0xc000007b, it leaves an error message “The application failed to start correctly.” Basically, this issue occurs when the users are trying to launch an application that is incompatible with the Windows version. It affects the entire Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages. 

If you are running high graphics games and videos without .NET Framework, then it is quite possible that this error code leaves you puzzled. In most of the cases, this error code flared up after installing the Windows 10 anniversary update.

Unfortunately, if you are also a sufferer of the same issue, then go through this entire guide. Here, you can find out the most efficient method that can be helpful for you. But don’t skip any step and be very cautious while executing the processes.

How to Fix Error code 0xc000007b in Windows 10? Stepwise Instructions

There are several methods to fix Windows error code 0xc000007b. Here in this section, we have come up with the foolproof methods that will help your computer to prevent this issue from further occurrence.

Method 1: Execute your Application as Administrator

This method can help you to get rid of this Windows error 0xc000007b by running your application as an administrator.

The very first thing that you have to do is to tap on the Start menu and navigate to the Application icon. Now, right-click on the application that you want to launch. After that, choose the Properties option by tapping on it. Next, move to the Compatibility icon. Then, you need to check Run this program as an administrator. At the last step, choose the OK or Enter icon for once. Restart your computer and check if the same error code is appearing or not.

Method 2: Perform CHKDSK Scan

If the problem is related to hardware, then this method can be the perfect one to fix the issue. To do so, at first, navigate to the Search box and click on it. Now, type ‘cmd’ in it and then right-click on the search result. 

Now, move to Choose the list section and tap on the “Run as administrator” icon. As an alternative method, you can locate the Command Prompt (Admin) application from the WinX Menu list.

After launching the Command Prompt tab, type “chkdsk c: /f /r” in the box. Now, press the Enter key on the keyboard. Keep patience for a few minutes while the scanning process is going on. 

After completing the scanning process reboot your device and check if you have completely solved the issue or not. If the error code is still persisting on the screen, then follow the next method.

Method 3: Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages

For running a number of applications, you need to run the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages. But in many cases, the files get damaged and cause the Windows error code 0xc000007b. In such cases, reinstalling the components can fix the issue.

The first and foremost thing that you have to do is to turn on your device and tap on the Start menu. After that, navigate to the “Programs and Features” option and click on it. Here you can find several options. 

To get rid of the error code, you have to remove all the files that are named as “Microsoft Visual C++ 2*** Redistributable“. Keep waiting for a couple of minutes and then move to the Microsoft. From there, install and download the “Visual C++ Redistributable Packages” for once more. Moreover, it is suggested not to switch off your device while the downloading process is going on.

When all these get finished, reboot your computer and check if you have successfully eradicated the error code or not.

We expect that all these methods will help you to eliminate this error code 0xc000007b. We recommend you follow all the steps one-by-one and be very careful too. But in case, if the same problem is still appearing on the screen, then it is better for you to consult with an expert.

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