Convenient Ways To Troubleshoot Windows Error Code 0x80070426

When you make an attempt to upgrade from a previous version of OS to Windows 10, Windows Defender comes into the picture and thereby removes the Microsoft Security Essentials. There might be something which goes wrong in almost 10% of the Windows 10 upgrades. Due to this, Windows Defender becomes unable to remove Microsoft Security Essentials.

Windows Defender fails to protect your PC from unwanted virus attacks. Although, you will find the Microsoft Security Essentials is up and running.

When the user turns on the disabled protection, Microsoft Security Essential throws an error which comes with a message that states “An error has occurred in program initialization. If this problem continues, contact your System Administrator. Error Code: 0x80070426.”

The Windows error code 0x80070426 implies an unauthenticated version of Windows 10. It takes place when MSE fails to work properly. When this issue is encountered, it leaves your system to unwanted threats. This error takes place when Windows Defender fails and MSE does not work properly.

Therefore, to evade this issue go through the user guide. We have provided the most effective steps to counteract this error. Follow this guide and get the best solutions.

Easy Ways to Troubleshoot Windows Error Code 0x80070426

Go through the under-mentioned steps to fix the aforementioned issue in one go.

Fix 1: Perform an SFC Scan

In all probability, you might receive this Microsoft error code 0x80070426 in Windows 10. It takes place owing to some corrupted Windows system files. In order to identify whether this is true or not, you can perform an SFC scan. Here are the steps that you can follow.

  • In order to begin the process, move to the taskbar. After that, you can press the Search icon.
  • After that enter ‘cmd’.
  • From the available results, you have to right-click on Command Prompt. After that, you have the provision to choose the option Run as Administrator.
  • When the Command Prompt opens, you need to execute the following command:

dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth

If the error code appears during the upgrade, then you can use the Windows Installation media instead of running the command. Thereafter, you need to paste the under-mentioned text on Command Prompt.

dism.exe /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth /source:[DRIVE]:\sources\sxs /limitaccess

Always remember the fact that you need to replace the DRIVE with the drive letter for the Windows Installation Media.

  • Now, wait for some time till the process gets over. Upon completion of the process, you can go ahead with the next step.
  • Enter “sfc/scannow” in Command Prompt. After that, click on Enter.
  • The scanning process takes some time. Upon completion of the process, you can reboot your system.

Fix 2: Examine for Software Conflict

We have already mentioned earlier that the Windows error code 0x80070426 takes place owing to the certain conflict in the software. In order to make sure that Windows Defender is not getting hampered with another program, you must perform a thorough reboot.

If you do this successfully, you can easily be able to launch the operating system using programs, services, and other drivers. Using this process, you can easily identify if there are any items hampering the Windows Defender. Just go through the under-mentioned steps to do that.

Basic Guideline

  1. In order to begin the process, you need to launch the dialog box. You can do so using the combination of Windows key as well as the R key.
  2. When you find the Run dialog box, enter “msconfig”. After that, click on Enter.
  3. Furthermore, navigate to the Services tab. After that, select ‘Hide all Microsoft services’ option.
  4. Now, press Disable All button. Then, press OK.
  5. Now, move to the Startup tab. When you are done, press the option labeled as Open Task Manager.
  6. You need to right-click on the startup items sequentially. After that, choose Disable from the available options.
  7. Shut down the Task Manager after you disable the startup items.
  8. Finally, press the OK option and restart the device.

After you restart the PC, examine whether the error code 0x80070426 persists while the launching process of Windows Defender is underway. However, if the problem continues, we suggest you retrace back to the System Configuration window. After that, you can enable the startup item.

Now, reboot the PC and examine whether the issue persists. Always take into consideration that you have to carry out the entire process for all the startup items until the error is removed. Once you get through with the error, you can disable it or wipe it entirely from the system.

Fix 3: Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

This issue generally takes place owing to certain problems during the upgrade process. Therefore, to remove this Windows Defender error 0x80070426, the best workaround is to run the in-built troubleshooter for getting updates.

To perform this, go through the under-mentioned steps.

  1. In order to begin the process, press the combination of Windows as well as I key. With this, you have the authority to launch the Settings app.
  2. When the Settings app appears, click on the option termed as Update & Security.
  3. Now, move to the panel on the left side of the window. After that, choose Troubleshoot.
  4. Then, move to the right pane. After that, click on Windows Update.
  5. Click on Run the Troubleshooter option and then follow the on-screen guideline in order to fix the update issues.

Fix 4: Reset Windows Update Components

There might be a possibility that the components of the updates are corrupted. Therefore, this is the early sign of error 0x80070426. In order to fix this issue, you just need to reset the services, folders as well as the files working with the Windows update. Henceforth, follow the generic guideline mentioned below.

  • First and foremost, run the Command Prompt as administrator. In order to perform that, press the combination of Windows and the S key. After that, write ‘cmd’ without quotes.
  • Then, right-click on the Command Prompt from the available results. Now, choose Run as Administrator.
  • When the Command Prompt is up and running, paste the following lines and press Enter after each command.

net stop bits

net stop wuauserv

net stop appidsvc

net stop cryptsvc

  • Now, execute the below commands by pressing Enter:

ren %systemroot%\softwaredistribution softwaredistribution.old

ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 catroot2.old

  • After that, restart the service after disabling it. Therefore, write the below commands. 

net start bits

net start wuauserv

net start appidsvc

net start cryptsvc

  • Finally, install the updates again in order to make sure that you solve the Windows Defender without any problem.

Fix 5: Establish Windows Update Service and Start Automatically

There might be a chance of misconfiguration of the Windows Update Service. This will refrain the system from starting automatically. It can cause certain issues during the entire upgrade process. In order to resolve this Microsoft error code 0x80070426 in Windows 10, follow these steps:

  1. First of all, right-click on the Windows icon available on the taskbar.
  2. After that, choose either Command Prompt or the Windows Powershell from the available list.
  3. When the Command Prompt or Windows Powershell shows up, run the following command:

SC config bits start= auto

SC config cryptsvc start= auto

SC config trustedinstaller start= auto

SC config wuauserv start= auto

  1. Finally, close the Command Prompt or the Windows Powershell and then reboot your system.

Fix 6: Update the Device Driver

There can be a conflict when the update process is underway. This can take place owing to wrong or obsolete drivers. Therefore, you need to make sure that there are no problems associated with the driver in order to fix Windows error code 0x80070426.

The most unique way to accomplish this is to use a suitable tool. After you install the tool, it will remember the processor type and can also operate the system version. You just have to click a button.

This will automatically locate the program and you can easily download and install the latest drivers for your PC.

Final Verdict

This article comes with the most effective fixes to eradicate Windows error code 0x80070426. If you follow the above steps serially, you can easily be able to prevent this issue in no time.

Moreover, you can refer to the user guide to have a quick glance. Apart from this, if you have any new idea, you can provide that in the comment section. And for further assistance, taking help from professionals is the best option.