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Windows Defender Update: Know Everything About Updates

Microsoft Windows Defender does all the basic things properly to protect all our data from infectious files. But we must install the latest definition update to get the best of it. Are you facing troubles installing the latest Windows Defender Update?

Not anymore mate. Here in this article, you can find some easy hacks to install the update for Windows Defender.

Windows Defender Update

Windows Defender automatically gets an update along with the Windows Update. But for some reason, if you have disabled automatic Windows Update on your computer then you need to update defender manually.

There are two options you can proceed through to Run an update to Microsoft Windows Defender. One is to check for Update from the Windows defender Program or You can manually update.

Update Windows Defender Manually

Check for Updates in Windows Defender

Follow the steps below:

  • At first, Click the Start Button
  • And then click on Programs
  • Now, select Windows Defender. This will open Windows Defender on your Windows Computer.
  • Now Click On Check for Updates Now button to check for new definitions.

Manually Download Windows Defender Update Package

These are the steps to follow to manually Update Windows Defender

  • Firstly locate the download package from official Microsoft website
  • Then in the Download dialogue box Click Run or Save
  • Select Run to install the definition file immediately
  • Select Save to save the definition file on your computer.

To install the saved file:

Windows Defender Update

  • Click Start and then click run
  • After that locate the folder where you saved the definition file.
  • Now Double-click the ‘Mpas-fe.exe’ file
  • And finally, click OK.

Can’t get the update package? Take help from the experts. Dial the toll-free number of Microsoft Support, Microsoft certified engineers will assist you in getting the package and installing it on your Windows computer.

Have you disabled automatic Windows Update and still want to get automatic Windows Defender update? The following method will help you for sure. Go through my tips and tricks and you will get the result.

Update Windows Defender Automatically

You can separately set an automatic update task for Windows Defender. That will ensure your data stays secured from all the latest threats. Follow the steps given here and get your job done.

  • Firstly, Press the Windows Key on your Keyboard
  • Type ‘Task Scheduler’ on the search box and hit the Enter button. This will search ‘Task Scheduler on your computer
    You can find it in Control Panel also, under Administrative Tools
  • Now, after opening the Task Scheduler Window, Click on ‘Create Basic Task’ on the Right Pane
  • Then, give the task a name and description and click on Next.
  • Now, select the frequency. Keep it as daily. And hit the Next Button.
  • Set the Time at which the updating task should run.
  • Then, select start a program
  • Now, in the program box type ‘C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe
  • Put the following command in the arguments box, type –SignatureUpdate
  • Finally, Review the details you put there and select the Finish button

Now you will be able to see the task in the Task Scheduler Library. And Windows Defender Update wizard will run automatically at your set time. So, from now you will be secured from all the latest threats that come your way.

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