Fix The Windows Activation Error Code 0x8007232B Without A Worry

Windows 10 is the latest Operating System from the Microsoft Corporation. This OS has many industry-leading features and services, due to which it has gathered a lot of attention. 

Despite having so many varieties of features and services, still you can encounter various types of errors. One such issue about which there will be a discussion in this article is that the “Windows Activation Error Code 0x8007232B”.

You can get this issue if the computer is unable to locate the KMS server. The full-length error message that you get is the “DNS name does not exist”. There can be two reasons for the occurrence of this issue.

The first cause of this issue is that if the KMS host is not present on the network. Secondly, if the computer is not able to identify the KMS Service Resource Records within the DNS server even then, you may face this issue.

Possible Methods to Eradicate the Activation Error code 0x8007232b on Windows 

This is the section of the article that will help you to remove this error from the computer in an easy and effective way:

Inspect the Installation Process of KMS Host

If the KMS host installation is not properly done, then for that reason you can encounter the  “Windows error code 0x8007232B. The best solution to resolve this issue is to examine the existence of the KMS host. 

This is needed since the KMS servers require to show their presence via the service resource records. In order to know the proper procedure on how can you achieve this, follow the steps beneath:

  • First, open the computer as an administrator.
  • Next, on the network where the computer is connected, you need to be sure that the KMS host is present
  • Also, make sure that the feature ‘DNS Publishing’ is active.

Installation Procedure of the Multiple Activation Key

When the KMS key does not work as it should, then due to that reason, there is a chance for you to face this glitch. The most feasible solution to resolve this issue is to install the ‘MAK’ or ‘Multiple Activation Key’.

The MAK is needed to activate the Windows OS for various devices. This key directly contacts the ‘Windows Activation Server’ to directly activate the Operating System. It does not need to go through some other server.

A Process to Aim the KMS Client to the Host

When the computer cannot able to connect to the KMS host, although everything is in order, then you might face this error. Now, the best solution to eradicate this issue is to forcefully point the KMS client to the host. For that to happen, follow the steps underneath:

  • First, tap the ‘Cortana’ logo on the Taskbar. This will open the search section of the Windows OS.
  • Within that section, type in the text as follows “command prompt”. Next, from the search output that comes up, locate the ‘Command Prompt’ option. Now, right-click on that option and then from the popup menu, choose the ‘Run as administrator’ item.
  • As soon as you click on that item, then a ‘User Account Control’ prompt will come up. Inside that prompt, click on the ‘Yes’ button.
  • After that, a new window with a black background and text written in white, that has a name ‘Command Prompt’  will appear. In that window type the following command “slmgr.vbs /skms <kms_host_name>” and then press ‘Enter’ to execute.
  • The ‘slmgr’ and ‘vbs’ on the command are ‘Windows Software Licensing Management Tool’, ‘Visual Basic Script’. This command allows the administrator of the computer to set the license on any server of Windows.
  • Once the execution is over, then reboot the computer.

Run the Network Troubleshooter

When not a single method within this section is able to solve the given issue, then as a last resort, all you can do is to execute the ‘Network Troubleshooter’. Here are the steps on how can achieve this process:

  • First, tap on the combination of both the keys ‘Windows + I’ simultaneously to open the ‘Windows Settings’ window.
  • Now, in this window, you will get all the setting categories of the Windows, that can be altered by you. Next, within that window navigate to the ‘Update and Security’ setting category.
  • After that, when a new page within this window comes up, then go to the left panel and choose the ‘Troubleshooting’ option. Now, go to the right panel and then choose ‘Network troubleshooter’ option.
  • At this moment, when a new window will come up, then automatically the Windows OS will try to identify any kind of error present within the computer.
  • If any glitch is found out then, that will be automatically removed. This process takes some time to complete, so wait patiently.
  • Once the error gets over, then restart the computer.

Wrapping Up

Follow all the methods on the previous section very minutely in order to remove the error code 0x8007232b Windows 10. But, even after following each step on the sections above, if you still are unable to resolve this problem. Then, do worry at all.

Just provide all the details of the problems that you are encountering in the comment section presented beneath this article and get an easy fix from an expert