Get Rid of Verizon Email Switch to AOL with Easy Steps

Verizon is one of the most widely used email services that have acquired AOL to expand its business horizon. Recently Verizon announced that it will no longer manage 4.5 million of its customers’ email accounts. So, if you are one of those users, then you have the option to move your Verizon email to AOL. 

Verizon has given the grace of 30 days for its users to switch their Verizon account. So, if you are having difficulties in migrating your Verizon email, then follow the steps given below. It has clearly discussed the process of ‘Verizon email switch to AOL.’ 

Verizon Email Switch to AOL: An Overview

Verizon will notify when you will need to switch your Verizon email to AOL. You can start the registration process by selecting option 1 in the email or webmail.  After registering with AOL, you can access your email and your folders and contacts of your account. 

Each Verizon users is given their individual date and timeline to migrate their account. Hence, you must take immediate action so that your access to Verizon email isn’t interrupted. 

Remember, you can only transfer the data saved on Verizon’s server or your local computer. You can access the previously saved data by using But, any third-party application will enable you to view the formerly saved data only.  

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Steps for How to move Verizon Email to AOL:

You can easily switch Verizon email to AOL by using the following steps:

On Windows

  1. First, open the Outlook email application on your computer and click on the ‘File’ menu at the left corner of the screen. 
  2. Click ‘Add Account’ from the drop-down menu under the ‘File’ tab. 
  3. Navigate to ‘Options’ and choose ‘Manual Setup’ or ‘Additional Server Types.’
  4. Tap on the ‘Next’ button and select ‘POP’ or ‘IMAP.’
  5. Click ‘Next’ again to access the next window. 
  6. Now enter the name you want to use for the recipients of your emails. 
  7. Type the full email address and enter IMAP for the ‘Account Type’ field. 
  8. Enter ‘’ both for the incoming and outgoing mail servers. 
  9. Enter the correct account’s password and select the ‘remember password’ checkbox. 
  10. Click on the ‘More Settings’ tab to expand it and select the ‘Outgoing Server’ from the submenu. 
  11. Enter the information as you have provided for the incoming mail server. 
  12. Select ‘Advanced Options’ on the navigation pane and set 993 as the ‘Incoming server.’
  13. Make sure that you set the ‘Outgoing server’ as 465 and hit the “OK” button to save the changes. 
  14. Click ‘Next’ to let the email program test the connection you are trying to set up. 
  15. After the testing process is completed, click the ‘Close’ button to exit the window. 
  16. Tap the ‘Finish’ button and send an email to any of your recipients to ensure that your account is working fine. 

On iOS Devices

Here we will delete your existing Verizon account and set up a brand new account on AOL. 

  1. Turn on your device and go to the Apple menu. 
  2. Choose ‘Accounts’ and remove all accounts associated with 
  3. So, if you have any more accounts like iCloud or Gmail, then remove them as well. 
  4. Go to the ‘Account Type’ section and select AOL. 
  5. Enter your preferred email address and provide a corresponding password. 
  6. Click the ‘Continue’ button to complete the migration process. 
  7. If you get a warning for a duplicate account, then open Mail and choose ‘Preferences.’
  8. Go to the ‘Accounts’ section and remove all associated accounts. 
  9. Close the ‘Email Preferences’ window and go back to ‘System Preferences.’
  10. Select IMAP if you want to create a custom account and enter ‘’ for the incoming server. 
  11. Then, type ‘’ for the outgoing server and hit the ‘Create’ button.
  12. Make sure that your new account is visible in the list of accounts and access the previously saved emails. 

The procedure mentioned in this article has helped several Verizon users to switch to AOL successfully. So, if you face difficulties in how to migrate Verizon email to AOL, then specify the same in the comment section below.