Outlook Not Sending Emails: Avail Reliable Solution To Fix

Outlook is a free personal email service that benefits you by simplifying your work process. It allows you to be more productive by offering you with everything you need at home to work. Outlook users often tend to encounter a daily error including Outlook not sending emails.

Regardless of the issues, the outlook issue keeps appearing continuously. It is a common issue and can be fixed with ease. This article provides you with the possible causes as well as solutions for Outlook Not Sending Emails issue.

What are the reasons behind Outlook Not Sending Emails?

There can be countless reasons that might be linked to Outlook and it is unable to send an email. To narrow down the root of the stuck emails, first of all, you must check if you are receiving an error message whenever you try to perform the send or receive operation.

Follow the underlying reasons that can generate the error, have a look:

  • Most likely there is a connection fault between Outlook and your outgoing mail server.
  • Your Internet service provider might be blocking the port number.
  • Often due to fault in the mail server settings or due to lack of an updated version of Outlook can result in the issue.
  • Sometimes if you exceed the hourly or daily email send quota, maintained by your email address provider can block emails on Outlook.
  • Outbox emails are not allowed to include excessive large attachments and it might be the primary reason behind the stuck mail.

Know How To Fix Outlook Won’t Send Email Promptly?

Here is a generous help to ease your effort in order to find the accurately troubleshoot hacks. Go through the below mentioned points.

The basic solution is to create a new email profile.

Step 1: SetUp The Mail

First, you have to click on Start then select Run. In the Open box enter Control and confirm your action through the OK option. If you are in the Category View, then choose the User Accounts and click on Mail option. You will find that the Mail Setup dialogue box appears.

Step 2: Start New Profile Wizard

To open the New profile wizard, you need to select the Show Profiles option. To initiate the process, you have to click on Add.

Step 3: Create New Profile

You are required to type Test in the Profile Name box and select OK. This step will help you to specify the new e-mail profile. Now, select the configure server settings manually and choose Next. After this, click Internet E-mail found on the Choose Service page and hit Next. Fill the Internet E-mail Settings dialogue box and make sure that the setting for Account Type is accurate.

Enter the information in the Incoming mail server box and the Outgoing mail server box. Follow the on-screen instructions and create the new profile.

If creating a new profile do not resolve your problem and the Outlook Not Sending Emails persists, then setting up TCP/IP as your default Internet protocol, might be able to help you.

Follow the subsequent process to set up TCP/IP as the default protocol.

Open Network Connection Dialog Box

On your computer, you need to navigate through Start> Run. Then type in the dialogue box: ncpa.cpl and press Enter. This process will initiate the Network Connections tab. After this, right click on your internet connection, select the Properties menu. Verify that you were able to set up the TCP/IP protocol in the default settings accurately.

Get The Best Suited Help Support Guide

We hope that this article will be able to provide the answer to how to fix Outlook Not Sending Emails issue. you can choose to drop in a mail at the Mail Support ID, placing your request. You can also speak directly to Outlook Customer Service for any issues related to Outlook by dialling number +1-855-334-7340  anytime. Lastly, you can avail instant troubleshooting hacks through live chat portal anytime you seek assistance.