Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8007007A: Troubleshoot With Our Technical Assistance

In most of the cases, Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8007007A occurs while you try to send an email along with pictures. Sometimes a conflict between OneDrive and Windows Live Mail can as well trigger this issue. As a result, it prevents you from sending any picture over the email. Fortunately, you can resolve this 0x8007007A error codes, simply following some steps. So here in this article, we have mentioned some prominent steps to help you resolve the issue on your own.

Know What Cause Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8007007A

In addition, when you switch from SkyDrive to OneDrive this Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8007007A might pop up. SkyDrive allows you to send pictures, and videos via email. But, it ended with the inclusion of OneDrive policy in the Windows Live Mail. There could be other reasons involved as well. So, note down these following information first:

  • The current Windows Live Mail version you are using on your system.
  • Make sure the error 0x8007007A occurs on all the emails while attaching images.
  • Also, note the type of email account you are using on Live Mail, for example – Gmail, Outlook or other.

This way you can ensure the main root cause of the Windows Live Mail problem. It can also help you to resolve 0x8007007A error while approaching the Microsoft support team.

Reasons Behind Getting Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8007007A

  • Mainly Windows Live Mail Version 2012 users are facing this issue while sending pictures but not for all emails.
  • Due to the SMTP server failure, the connection between OneDrive and Live Mail might break. Thus, it can produce this Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8007007A.
  • The issue with OneDrive can happen due to missing DLL and registry files, any malware or virus attacks. Thus, causing this Live Mail problem.
  • Users using Outlook or Google account for sending or receiving Windows Live Mail, they might as well get this error too.
  • There can be other advanced issues that can generate this 0x8007007A error message in Windows Live Mail.

Solutions To Fix Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8007007A

If you are looking for methods to troubleshoot Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8007007A, follow these solutions.

Solution 1: Remove The Pending Emails From Mail Outbox

If there are any unsent or pending emails in the WLM Outbox, delete them all. For this, go to WLM’s left pane and select pending emails with attached images. Delete these emails and try to send a new one without attaching a picture to the email.

Solution 2: Try To Send Pictures As Attachment Instead Of Album

As discussed earlier, when you send images as albums, it can generate this Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x8007007A. To resolve, go to WLM and compose a new email. Then click on the icon of ‘Attach file’ and select the images you want to send.

Solution 3: Delete Windows Live Mail Account And Reconfigure It

One of the most effective ways to fix this WLM issue is by removing your current webmail account. After this, reconfigure the Windows Live Mail by adding your account again. So, go to ‘Tools’ in WLM and click on ‘Accounts’. Then select the ‘Add’ option and type the username and password for the new webmail profile. Use this WLM account to send you next emails and check if it removes error 0x8007007A.

Solution 4: Use Windows Essentials To Fix WLM

Even after trying the solutions the problem persists, you can try Windows Essentials to repair WLM issue. So, head to the Windows start menu and navigate to ‘Control Panel’. In the window, select ‘Program and Features option. Then find ‘Windows Essentials’ and hit the Change/Uninstall button to repair the Windows Live Mail program files.

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