Troubleshoot Volume Icon Missing Windows 10 Error On your Own

Windows 10 is the latest Operating System by Microsoft which includes various features like Cortana, Windows App Store. The salient features and easy user interface of it are the main reasons to opt it. Though it is a featured one, it is not free from the technical woes like any other OS. Users often complain about its frequent bugs and issues. Sometimes they can notice that the volume icon missing Windows 10. If you face so and want to take an endeavor to fix it then follow this article till the end.

Causes For Volume Icon Missing Windows 10 Error

There are more than one causes for which you can face such a difficulty. For instance,

Windows 10 account login error. According to the experts, you can face this due to a corrupted Windows registry.

Also, if you have disabled the volume button from the notification tab, you can come across this error. Naturally, it is not possible for you to figure out the icon in such cases. Now, have a look at the solutions behind this error.

Easy Tricks To Resolve Volume Icon Missing Windows 10 Easily

As you can face this error due to many reasons also you can troubleshoot it using various methods. Let’s check it now.

Method 1: Re-Login To The Account

When you face this error, at first try to login to the Windows account. To Perform so, go to the Start button and tap on the “Sign Out” option. After this, turn it on again. According to many users, this problem gets fixed after performing this method.

Method 2: Run The Troubleshooter

Alternatively, you can run the Troubleshooter to fix this error permanently. To perform the task, go to the Control Panel and turn on the Sound Troubleshooter option.

Method 3: Turn On Volume Settings

It can happen you have turned off volume settings option from notification panel that’s why you are facing this kind of glitches. In that case, go to the Settings app of your system and click on the System option. Then, click on the Notifications & Actions tab. Now, turn on the settings of “sound”. After that, your job will be done.

Method 4: Restart System

You can also restart or reboot your system when you face volume icon missing Windows 10 error. In this case, turn off your system and remove all wires and cables connected with it and also remove it from the wall socket. If the error still persists, then perform another action with the help of the next method.

Method 5: Restart Explorer

According to the many users, you can fix this issue by resetting the Windows Explorer. To do so, go to the Task Manager and click on the Details tab. Now, choose End Task. If the error still persists, then you should try to contact reliable technicians for further help and support. Professionals will be there to help you with necessary support.

Get In Touch With Experts For Remote Tech Assistance

Despite trying the above-mentioned procedures, you can fail to fix volume icon missing from taskbar Windows 10 issue on your own. In such instances, all you need is an expert support. Accordingly, you can contact Microsoft Support for further guidance. Here, the technicians are available 24*7 to resolve the glitches you are facing.

Using the various method you can communicate with the experts. You can place a call at Microsoft Support  Number +1-855-334-7340   to get assistance related to the bug you are encountering. If you are facing any network congestion then you can either send an email at [email protected] or can avail of the Live Chat facility via Microsoft Support Chat Portal.