Resolve Windows Error Code 3 With Some Amazing Solutions

Windows error code 3 is a type of Windows error that can occur on any Windows version including Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8. If this error code occurs, then an error message saying ‘Error_ Path_Not_Found’ instantly pops up on the screen. Moreover, once this error code appears on the screen, then your system cannot find the specified path.

This is a common issue and you need to resolve it immediately as it can lead to some serious damage.

So, if you face this issue and want to resolve it, then use the following solutions to fix the issue without any hassle.

Possible Causes for Windows Search Service Error 3

A lot of causes are responsible for the windows error code 3, here for your help we have highlighted some of them. So, you can take precautions from the next time onwards. Hence, check them out:

  • Most of the time if any system file is missing,
  • If there is a registry issue,
  • In case, you have not updated the Operating System for a long time.

Now, keep an eye on the effective techniques to fix the issue instantly.

Amazing Solutions to Troubleshoot Windows Error Code 3

To resolve this error code, you don’t need to call any professional because with the help of the following solutions, you can quickly resolve the issue on your own.

So, at first, go through the undermentioned solutions carefully after that try them one by one on your system and check which solution works for you.

Solution 1- Run the System File Checker

As mentioned earlier sometimes due to the corrupt system files, you might encounter this Windows error code 3 on your system. In this condition, we suggest you to use the inbuilt SFC tool. 

How to use the SFC Command?

If you are a Windows 10 or 8 user, then at the beginning, you have to press the Windows + X keys together to open the System menu. Next, select the Command Prompt from the available menu. 

If you are a Windows 7 user, then at first, click on the Start menu and after that type ‘cmd’ within the search field and press the Enter button. 

Once the Command Prompt opens, then right click on it and select Run as Administrator from the menu.

Now, type ‘sfc /scannow’ in the command field as well as press the Enter button.

Wait until the scanning process is completed, then reboot your device and if you still encounter this error code on your system, then move to the next solution.

Solution 2- Undo the Registry Changes

Sometimes corrupt Windows registry can be a valid reason for the Windows error code 3. The simplest way to get rid of this issue is to manually edit the windows registry. To do so, take a look below:

  1. At first, you have to launch the Run dialog box. For that, you need to press the Windows + R keys together.
  2. Once the Run dialog box opens, then type ‘regedit’ in the given field and hit the OK button. 
  3. Now, expand the full list of the Registry window editor and then navigate to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
  4. Next, what you need to do is to check the dialog box beside the Software option.
  5. Thereafter navigate to the Windows Search
  6. Drop down to reach the FileChangeClientConfigs and then right click on it.
  7. Rename the file  to FileChangeClientConfigs.Bkp
  8. Now, you have to exit from the Registry Editor and reboot your system.
  9. Again press the Windows + R keys to launch the Run dialog box. After that navigate to the services.msc.
  10. Under this section, you should find the Windows Search and once you found it, then right click on it. 
  11. Next, start the service to check the solution.

Now, Windows will automatically create a new entry in the registry. Now, check whether the solution works for you or not, otherwise move to the next solution.

Solution 3- Disable the Proxy Settings

Disable the proxy settings can bring the required solution for you. In order to disable the proxy settings, you should follow the steps which are mentioned below:

Step 1

At first, go to the Menu bar and after that drop down and click on the preferences tab. Thereafter, select the Advanced tab and then click on the Change Setting option. 

Step 2

Next, you have to uncheck the dialog box which is located beside the Proxy Server option.

Thereafter, the proxy server should be disabled.

Solution 4- Rebuild the Search Index

In order to perform the task. At first, you have to open the Registry Editor. After that, navigate to the Windows Search and click on it.

Next, double click on the SetupCompletedSuccessfully option and change the value from 1 to 0. Then, click on the OK button to save the changes. 

Finally, restart your computer and now the windows error code 3 will not pop up on the screen anymore.

That’s it. Hope with the help of the above solutions you can easily resolve this error code on your own. However, if you have any doubts, then be on the safe side and consult with an expert immediately to get the permanent solution of this.