Outlook Error Code 3253: Streamlined Technical Support From Experts

Sometimes while using Outlook application in Mac, users come across various error codes. Outlook Error Code 3253 is one of them. When you encounter this error code, Mac prevents you from sending an email and if you try to send an email, it will go to the outbox. Also, it will remain there forever if you do not take action. This error occurs due to multiple causes and one of the leading cause is the server error.

The most irritating thing while facing this error is before the error pops up, it will never give you an alert, and you will not get to know as it will occur suddenly. But the best thing is that there are several fixes to the error code and you will get to know those later on in this article. Before that, you need to grasp on the reasons. Take a quick glance at what leads to the generation of the error code 3253.

Probable Reasons Behind Outlook Error Code 3253

  • If there is a server connection failure or any server fault, you may encounter the Outlook error code 3253.
  • If you send a number of emails at a particular time, you may also encounter the error code.
  • There can be a fault in the client-server communication which may result in this specific error code in Outlook.
  • If the Outlook gets corrupt due to any cause, there is a chance that you might encounter the Outlook error 3253.

These are the leading and topmost reasons behind the Outlook error code 3253. Besides, there are other causes as well. You require to comprehend the causes entirely so that you won’t face a problem in identifying the reasons. Furthermore, you can head over to the fixes and implement them to fix your Outlook issue effectively.

How Can You Effectively Fix Outlook Error Code 3253?

Here are the fixes for the particular Outlook error code which you can apply to fix your Outlook issue:

Step 1:

First of all, you need to start your Mac and then start the Terminal app. Click on the spotlight search glass which you will find in the top right corner of the screen and there you can type Terminal to find the app.

Step 2:

Now you will have to write “defaults delete com.microsoft.Outlook” without the quotations in the Terminal application. When you type this specific command, it will remove all the previous Outlook preferences.

Step 3:

Now you will have to type “killall cfprefsd” without the quotations again in the Terminal application. Typing this command will help you eliminate the cached preferences.

Step 4:

Now, you can successfully launch the Outlook application. You can see that the error will eliminate and you can resume sending and receiving emails on Outlook.

Get In Touch With The Professional Specialists Of Outlook Support

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