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Windows Unable To Format: Contact Us To Avoid The Error

Is your Windows unable to format? We can understand how frustrating it can be. But don’t worry, we are here to help you through Windows 10 Errors.

Formatting our Pendrive, SD card, Driver and other devices are important to us as that can prevent the entire system from crashing due to antivirus attack or corrupted files. When the Windows is unable to format the devices, it opens the gate to threats like antivirus, malware and other dangerous files.

Windows Unable To Format

But before jumping to conclusion and throwing away the drive, you might want to consider some facts. Let us first get a clear idea of why is the Windows Unable To Format?  Once we know the reasons behind the matter it won’t be too difficult finding the solution.

Reason Behind The Windows Format Error…

It’s important to dig deeper into the issue so we can not only fix the error but also avoid the reasons in future to prevent the reoccurrence of the same issue all over again. The reasons which cause the mentioned Windows Error are as follows.

Windows Unable To FormatVirus Infection

We indeed use formatting as a tool for virus protection but sometimes the virus beats us to the race. The USB devices and such other things often carry the virus which can easily affect the Windows Driver. It is important we give attention to the matter and try to protect our driver from the virus threats.

Storage Device damage

Physical damage to the storage device can also be the reason behind the error. The USB and SD Cards are portable and sensitive. Hence it is not free from physical damages. Once the storage is damaged it’s not possible for the computer to run the format. In this case, we should be careful with the device and make sure that the device storage is not damaged in any way.

Windows Unable To FormatThe Disk is Write Protected

Sometimes after the USB is connected to the computer, the error message comes up saying that the disk is write protected. This is one major reason the device cannot be formatted. There is not much you can do about the matter, you can only format the device if you remove the “write protected” command from the device.

Windows Unable To FormatBoot Device Not Configured

Another major reason behind the error is that the boot is not configured properly. The configuration error can cause some serious issue in many of the application. This case is no exception. The configuration issue prevents the Windows Driver from formatting properly.

Avoid The Error ” Windows Unable To Format “

Now that you know the reasons behind the issues already, you can easily prevent the error from reoccurring. Want to know how? All you have to do is to keep in mind the following advice. Be very sure to check USB devices before inserting it into your device. You can take the help of antivirus software in this case. Do not use any virus corrupted USB as the virus easily affects your device.

Apart from that, you should always make sure to keep your device storage safe and keep the boot system properly configured. You should also recheck the device before trying to format it and see if it is a write-protected disk. you can change the setting immediately to get better results.

But if you are unable to fix the issues even after applying the instructions, it’s probably better to seek technical help. Tech engineers can guide you to resolve the issues immediately.

Have More Questions?

For any further assistance on the matter or any related question, feel free to contact us. Our tech engineers are available all day long to help resolve all your issues in an instant.

You can reach us through our Windows Support +1-855-334-7340. You can also drop us a mail at our Microsoft Support Email id or join our Microsoft Chat Service. We look forward to helping you with your Windows Format issues.

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