Troubleshoot Windows Error 1909

While working on Windows-based devices, the system files can get corrupted or damaged due to multiple reasons. In most cases, the OS can’t deal with too many Windows system file entries and thereby, leads to frequent crashes and other technical issues. One such issue is the Windows error 1909, which can freeze your computer and can affect the hardware. 

If you are curious about the underlying causes of triggering this Windows error, it can happen due to several reasons.

Sometimes, the error code 1909 occurs when there is an incomplete installation of Windows on your system. Also, if you attempt to remove or uninstall certain apps or hardware, this error can hit your Windows.

On many occasions, the error 1909 can popup, if there are incorrect entries in the Windows Registry. You can come across this Windows error when your PC is running incompatible software. Also, don’t ignore any kind of spyware, adware or virus attack on your Windows, which can produce this error code 1909. 

Some users have also reported about getting this error while installing certain programs or apps on Windows 10. Windows can also prevent the users from creating the shortcut for the installed apps due to this specific error.

So, you can be experiencing this Windows error due to any of these system related issues. But, in order to troubleshoot error 1909, you will have to apply a few technical methods as suggested by the Windows professionals. Hence, you can refer to this article to know more about Windows system error code 1909 and solutions to fix it.

How to Remove Windows Error 1909 From your System?

When this error code 1909 appears on your device, it can generate some message along with it. According to some experts, you may observe this as ‘The error 1909: This account has been locked out or cannot be referenced’. So, this clearly points towards some sort of domain error while accessing Windows or specific apps on it.

This also indicates that the access code or security password needed to log into your Windows is either expired or too short. So, if this is the actual reason behind causing Windows error code 1909, try the following steps.

Troubleshooting Steps for Fixing Error 1909 Windows 10

First, you have to click on the Windows Start menu and open the Search bar. Then, type ‘run’ in the search box and write ‘control userpasswords2, if using older versions of Windows. 

Now, wait for the User Accounts window to appear on your device’s screen and click on the tab for ‘LogMeInRemoteUser’. The purpose of clicking once is to just highlight this feature. After that, you can erase it from Windows by hitting the ‘Remove’ button.

Next, you need to click on the tab for ‘Add’ and write ‘LogMeInRemoteUser’ in the box provided to enter the user name. Then, select the ‘Next’ button and look for the question ‘What Level of Access do you want to Grant this User?’. 

Now, you need to choose the option of ‘Other’ and select ‘Administrators’ for giving access to Windows. Also, save these changes and confirm the action by pressing the ‘OK’ button on the next two consecutive windows. 

Hopefully, Windows won’t produce the error code 1909 due to any technical issue with the Access Code while logging in with ‘LogMeInRemoteUser’. 

Instructions to Resolve Windows Error Code 1909 During Installation failure

In case, you are experiencing error 1909 while clicking or installing any application, follow this tip. So, note the app or program that is refusing to install due to this Windows error. 

Then, browse the directory of Program Data on Windows and right-click on the specific application. Now, choose the ‘Properties’ option and untick the checkbox for ‘Read-Only attributes’. 

Finally, click on the ‘Apply’ button followed by ‘OK’ and retry the installation on your Windows-based system. 

In this article, hopefully, you have got some useful information regarding the issue of  Windows error 1909. It has also covered some of its underlying causes and few technical steps to resolve this system misconfiguration problem. If you are unable to apply the tips discussed here or want advanced solutions for error code 1909, get in touch with a Windows technician.