Windows 10 Start Menu Flickering: Resolve With Expert Guidance

You need to update your Windows 10 Operating System to add new features to your system. But Windows 10 updates also comes with occasional technical flaws. Windows 10 Start Menu flickering is one of the faults arising due to such updates.

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Causes For Windows 10 Start Menu Flickering Issue

There are a few important causes behind the problem. Check if your system is infected by any of the issues given below.

Windows Update

Recent updates from Microsoft for their Windows 10 Operating System can lead to Windows 10 Start Menu flickering issue. Many Windows 10 users have blamed the update as the source of this error. Also, if you have updated your Windows Operating system from an old version to Windows 10, then you can also receive such errors.

Graphics Driver

Malfunctioning graphics or the GPU drivers can also be the reason behind the problem. As you are suffering from graphics issue in the Operating System, therefore you can eliminate this possibility. In fact, many users have complained that their malfunctioning graphics driver is the main cause behind this problem.

Incompatible Application

While many have pointed out the display drivers as the root cause of the problem, you cannot rule out the possibility of an inconsistent application. The inconsistent application refers to those applications that are either corrupt or can harm your system with its malicious intentions.

How To Fix Windows 10 Start Menu Flickering Issue

Your problems regarding Windows 10 are common and therefore you have no reason to worry. Let us have a look at the solutions that you must apply to fix Start Menu flickering Windows 10.

Uninstall Incompatible Application

Most of the antivirus programs are incompatible applications that are the culprit behind your problem. Delete any third-party apps that are present in your system and check if this resolves your issue.

If you want to remove any third-party application, you must navigate to Control Panel of your system. Under the Programs and Features section, select the program you want to uninstall from the program list and click on the uninstall button.

Update The Display Drivers

Get your Windows 10 drivers updated to the latest version. Check if the graphics or the display drivers are up to date. Go to devices manager and click on the graphics driver of your system. Select the option Update Drivers.  

If the error occurs after you have updated your driver, then uninstall the updated drivers. Select the option Uninstall drivers and check if your problem is fixed.

Update Your Operating System

Update the Windows Operating System. Else if you have recently updated your Operating System, then consider the roll-back option. This solution works out for many users as the system may become incompatible with your current Operating System.

Reinstall The Display Drivers

Reinstall the GPU drivers of your system. First, uninstall them and install them again either from the DVD provided by the company or from the internet.

Reset The System

Reset your system if you find that the above solutions to your problem are not working. Use the USB reset option other than going for the Windows inbuilt reset option. This has worked like wonders for many users facing the same problem. So back up your files and data and reset your system.

Need Further Assistance? Get In Touch With Our Experts At Microsoft Support

The above-given solutions will obviously help you overcome your problem. If you have any queries or if your Windows 10 Start Menu flickering issue continues even after trying the above steps, then you can dial Microsoft Support Number +1-855-334-7340 anytime. You can email and discuss your problems with the experts. You can also approach the support team by chatting with them online.