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Troubleshoot Skype Not Connecting Calls : Get Quick Solution With Us

Isn’t it really annoying to come across a strange Skype error that prevents you from connecting with your favourite people? Suppose, you are trying to make an important video call and suddenly an error message popping up on your screen and saying Skype not connecting calls.

Skype Not Connecting Calls

There can be many causes of coming across a technical glitch. You must be looking for someone to settle down your issues rapidly. We understand you have already taken a lot of measures to avoid the Skype Down errors.

In order to remove your technical problems, I have introduced some troubleshooting steps. Take a look at them and follow the instructions to cut off your calling obstacles.

Why Is Skype Not Connecting Calls?

Skype Not Connecting Calls

You might be experiencing a delay in calls, poor quality, app freezing or dropped calls. In case, you are using a cellular network, your connection is probably the main culprit.

A poor connection may cause various problems during your video calls. When there are multiple users using the same internet connection, problems may arise.

Also, your Skype’s video settings and permissions may stand as the primary cause of your Skype not connecting calls issue. Therefore, before making a call, you must check the video settings first.

On the other hand, you should consult with other Skype users as well. Sometimes, the network may go through a downtime and causes various problems.

Make Calls Easily On Skype…Here’s How!

As we have discussed the reasons behind Skype not connecting calls, let us now give it some reliable solutions. In most of the cases, these solutions worked perfectly well.

But as we know, there can be various reasons standing behind just one technical glitch. So, if they don’t work out for you, you can approach for official support. Till then, follow the instructions and experience a better calling experience with Skype.

Make Sure You Are Using The Latest Version Of Skype

Skype is constantly implementing various features to improve its calling quality and performance. Therefore, if you are using the previous Skype version, you get stuck with the older issues. So, in order to improve your calling performance and get rid of the unwanted errors, you should update your app.

Keep An Eye On Your Network Connection

To make a high-quality call, you and your friend both need to have enough Bandwidth. You can deliberately check your mobile network performance by a speed test app.

After that, check your internet speed and performance against Skype’s calling policy. While your network connection is slow, you can go for an audio call instead of a video call.

Check If Another Application Interfacing Your Call

If other tabs are open on your system at the same time of making a video call, your calling speed tends to go slower. You must close all other applications running on your device right now.

For example – file sharing applications, streaming audio or video or may be any other browser. All these applications generally eat up your bandwidth.

Any Other Issue With Skype? Let Me Know…Skype Not Connecting Calls

Skype has successfully made distance disappear through video calls. It has numerous features that have connected a lot of people staying far from each other.

Know More By Connecting with Us

Having stuck with the Skype not connecting calls issue? Or they are sorted now? If you are facing any issues till now, then all you need to do is to connect with us. Our experts are skilled and have in-depth knowledge about Skype. They also keep them updated with all the latest updates to help you with the best solutions to your problems. Dial our Skype Customer Service Help desk number +1-855-334-7340 to get the support on the call. You can also write us a mail or even you can also avail remote assistance from the Live Chat portal.

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