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Outlook Timestamp Wrong: Expert Solutions At Your Fingertips

Email has become the most important mode to communicate with people. It is widely used by millions of people across the globe. Microsoft Outlook is the most popular messaging service in the corporate sector because of its wide features and high encrypted data service and privacy. However, users do face certain issues like Outlook timestamp wrong which is quite annoying to users. Go through this article to know this particular issue, its symptoms and cause and explain the technique to resolve it.

Symptoms When Outlook Email Timestamp Issue Is Encountered

All the emails in the folder are sorted by their received time and date so that it is easy for the users to retrieve and view their mail. The latest new mail is kept at the top of the mail list while the ones received earlier are moved down in the list. This saves the users from missing an email. Thus it is very important to make sure that the emails user receive have a correct timestamp on them.

However, at times when users face Outlook timestamp wrong issue when they send incorrect timestamp when signing in back to their Outlook Web App. This usually happens in a corporate messaging environment due to which employees or clients receive meeting request with incorrect timing.

What Causes Outlook Timestamp Go Wrong?

This particular issue where Outlook timestamp goes wrong occurs under the following circumstances:

  • Firstly you are located in a region where daylight time saver is not followed.
  • Secondly, the server that is hosting your Microsoft Exchange Server is located in a region which follows Daylight Saving Scheme.
  • Due to this difference in time following technique your Outlook may show the wrong timestamp.

How To Fix Outlook Timestamp Wrong

To resolve this particular issue of Outlook timestamp wrong, users need to match the time zone of the  Microsoft Exchange Server with that of the Coordinated Universal Time zone of the country where the host server is located. Users need to make sure that the UTC zone for that country does not follow Daylight Savings Time scheme.

Set Local Time Settings In Outlook Window:

To set the time zone in the Outlook Web Access or Web App, you need to follow the following steps:

For Microsoft Exchange Server 2013:

  • First login to your Outlook Web App with correct credentials.
  • Now, go to the Settings menu and click on Options.
  • Select the Regional option and under current time zone, click on the time zone that you wish to follow.  

For Microsoft Exchange Server 2010:

  • First login to your Outlook Web App with correct credentials.
  • Go to Options and click on See All Options.
  • Click on Settings and then Regional.
  • Under the Current Time Zone, click on the time zone you wish to select.

For Microsoft Exchange Server 2007:

  • Log in to your Microsoft Office Outlook Web Access with correct username and password.
  • Go to Options and click on Regional Settings.
  • Under the Current time zone option click on the time zone, you wish to select.

Get In Touch With Microsoft Support Team|Affordable Solutions

If you are unable to fix Outlook timestamp wrong error on your own by following the above-mentioned solutions then don’t be frustrated. The professionals are here provide you with reliable long-term effective solutions. Get in touch with our Outlook Customer Service who are experienced in resolving all kinds of major and minor technical glitches related to Microsoft product. The experts aim to deliver quality services at a budget-friendly price.

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