Deal With Asus Router Power Light Blinking Problem: Follow These Easy Fixes

Routers have become very essential to access the Internet. Fortunately, brands like Asus is leading the way by providing top-quality products based on home size and WiFi-speed desirability. 

It has many good features but, you may face some minor problems in this device from time to time. Problems like the router power light blinking are quite common for Asus users. However, there are some effective methods to troubleshoot this issue and make the power indicator stable. 

If you are experiencing Asus router power light blinking error, it can occur due to various reasons. This may include an outdated firmware, a change in the setting of the adapter and many more. Hence, you can go through this article to learn the fixes to resolve this blinking error. 

Three Ways To Solve Asus Router Power Light Blinking Problem

Many users have complained about the problem of the power light blinking. If you are facing the same problem, then follow the methods I am going to discuss in the article. 

There are three ways to solve this problem. So, if you are asking how to solve Asus router power light blinking? follow the solutions discussed below.

Way 1- Change the Setting Of the Adapter

If you are facing this problem, try to change the settings of the adapter. The procedure to do this is given below:

1. Connect your system with the Asus router with the help of a wired/wireless connection. After this is done, go to the Start menu and open the list. Then click on the “Control panel”. You can also do this by pressing the Windows Key and the S key simultaneously. In the search menu, type in “Control Panel and click enter.

2. Navigate to the “Network and Internet” section and find the “Network Connections” option. Now in this tab, click on the tab for “Change Adapter Settings”. 

3. Then, right-click on the LAN option to open the list of available connections. Press on the Properties option. For a wireless connection, repeat the procedure for WLAN.  

4. When the “Properties” section will open, click on the “Internet Protocol Version4(TCP/IPv4)” tab. After that, you have to click on the “Properties” option located at the bottom right side.

5. Then, you have to set the DNS server. Eg- IP address: 156.741.2.09 and Subnet mask: 377.499.587.1. After completing the settings, click the tabs of Apply and then OK to allow the changes to take effect.

Way 2- Upload Firmware

This is another great method by which you can solve this problem. This solution uses the steps of uploading the Asus router firmware to fix the blinking power light issue.

First, you have to disconnect your router from its power supply. Then, keep pressing on the reset button for at least 5 seconds. At the same time, connect the power plug back to the router.

Now release the Reset button when the Power LED on the front panel of the router starts flashing. This is the indication of the router being in the Rescue Mode.

After this, go to the Start menu button and launch the list. Next, go to the “All programs” option. Here, navigate to theASUS utility” section and then to “Firmware restoration”

Next, click on the “Browse” tab to choose the firmware you want to upload. Then click on the Upload button for about 60 seconds. 

If the Power LED lits constantly, you can then click on the Reset button to restore it. When you have completed this step, click on the Start button to open the list of programs. 

Select the Control Panel application or press the Windows + R button to launch the Run dialog box. Write “Control” in the search bar and hit enter.

In Control Panel, find the “Network and Internet” option and click it. Now, go to “Network Connections” and click on “Change Adapter Settings”.

Then right-click on LAN to open the list and select the “Properties” option. Click on the “Internet protocol version4(TCP/IPv4)” and click on the “Properties” tab.

Now, change your setting of IPv4 to acquire an IP address. Finally, press Apply and then OK to save the changes you have made. 

Way 3- Restart ASUS Router

Another method of resolving this problem is by restarting the router. You can try this method if the previous two methods didn’t work:

1. At first, you have to disconnect the router from all its connecting devices and wait for a few seconds.

2. After waiting, reconnect your router with the devices and press the Power button.

You can also hit the ‘Reset’ button from the router’s back panel and check if the problem still persists.

To Sum Up

Asus router is a very important device to access the Internet and you can enable a high-speed connection on multiple devices. Any problem with the router can hamper your work. I hope that the above-discussed methods will help you to fix the Asus Router power light blinking problem.