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Fix Skype Webcam Not Working Issue | Effective Tech Support

Skype allows you to stay in touch with its free online services which include calls, texts and video connectivity. Despite its exceptional features, most of the Skype users have confronted a daily problem, where the camera fails to work when you are trying to access Skype via your Windows computer. It might be that you are unable to work on the webcam during any video calls. It is indeed an annoying situation and you might be searching for ways to fix the problem. Do not panic. Read this article to get the details to troubleshoot Skype Webcam not working problems.

Fundamental Reasons Behind Skype Webcam Not Working Issue

There are various reasons for which your Skype webcam is not working. This article will reveal some general underlying reasons as well as tips to help you resolve this problem.

  • It might be that you are unable to connect accurately to the camera and it is unable to recognize the driver precisely.
  • A missing driver will make it impossible for Webcam to function.
  • If there is any disconnection or broken camera, then your webcam limits its work.
  • When any other application controls your camera, then you may not be able to see any display video.

Some of the potential reasons are corruption in USB, poor internet connections, or faulty drivers.

How To Fix Skype Webcam Not Working Windows 10?

Let us go through the quick hacks that can resolve the Skype Webcam issue.

Solution 1: Re-install Skype With Latest Up-To-Date Version

If you have switched off the settings for automatic updates in Skype, then you need to update the Skype app to its current version. The most updated version will ensure that all the latest patches are fixed along with the installation. You need to open the web page and click on the option ‘Get Skype’.

Solution 2: Check the Webcam Configuration

You need to check whether you have the correct webcam configuration for accessing Skype.

  • Click on the Skype app and select Tools. Then select Video settings and verify the status for ‘Skype couldn’t find a webcam’. Next, open your webcam software and turn on the camera.
  • After that restart your Skype app and select Tools > Options and then Video settings. Verify if you are able to notice a dark video image is very dark.
  • After this select Webcam setting> Video Capture Filter >Camera Control tab. Finally, confirm through the Apply and OK option.

Solution 3: Update The Webcam Drivers

Updating your Webcam drivers for the camera can help you to fix Skype Webcam not working issue and get it working again. To update the camera device drivers in Windows 10, follow the process.

  • First, you have to press the Win key + X and from the menu choose the Device Manager. Then click on Imaging devices listed on Webcam.
  • Next, click the webcam and from the context menu, choose the Update Driver Software option.
  • Allow your system to Search automatically for recent updates for driver software, compatible with your system.

Now, restart your device and notice if the error still persists. If it does, then you need to proceed to the next step as mentioned below.

Solution 4: Check For Other Programs Using Webcam

The most important thing to notice is that whether any background software is integrated with the webcam. Then it might be capturing the video stream and restricting its access from Skype. You can monitor this by clicking on the taskbar and then selecting the Task Manager tab. Then under Background processes list, select the third-party software packages. Now, you need to press their respective End task switches. Lastly, try to restart your computer as well as Skype.

Are you still struggling with the Skype webcam not working issue? If none of the above solutions help to mitigate the error, then you need to seek expert advice.

For Requisite Guidance Connect With Tech support

You can grab the opportunity to talk to Skype tech support executives, through Skype Tech Support Number +1-855-334-7340. The Support team comprises of dedicated professionals, who are capable of solving any Skype related issues with ease. You can chat with the diligent experts to get solutions via live chat portal. Otherwise, mail your problems at info@fixerrorcodes.netand the helpdesk representatives assure you to revert at the earliest.




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