Skype Audio/Microphone not working on Windows (FIXED)

Skype Mic Not Working on Windows 10/8.1/8/7

Are you experiencing mic not working in your Skype account?

Whether you are using Skype on Windows or Mac, an obsolete sound card driver is something that can cause Skype mic not working in your device.

Here in this guide, we are going to discuss some amazing methods that can you can rely upon to get rid of this problem.

Why you Encounter Skype Mic Not Working Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Issue?

Due to the wrong configuration in the Windows Audio Service, you can experience the same problem.

In case, the Skype Microphone Permission is disabled, then there is a chance of confronting the same problem as well.

Last but not the least, if the Audio service is not working properly, then it might lead to the same problem.

Feasible Solutions to Fix Skype Mic Not Working Issue: Stepwise Instructions

We recommend you to walk through the troubleshooting methods to fix Skype for business microphone not working Windows 10/8.1/8/7 issue. But before going to the steps, you have to be very cautious and careful. 

Solution 1: Check Microphone is Set to On for Skype

Check Microphone is Set to On for Skype

In case you are running the Skype application on your Windows 10/8.1/8/7, then this is the primary solution that has been proved for fixing this issue.

The very first thing you have to do is to press the Windows and I button at the same time on your keyboard. Navigate to the Settings tab and then choose the Privacy option. 

From the list of options, select Microphone from the left side of the window. Stay on this page and check if the status is On for Skype or not. In case, you find it’s Off, then choose the Toggle option and turn it on.

Then, provide the correct credentials and log in via Skype. Finally, check if the Mic is working properly or not.

Solution 2: Verify Microphone Settings

Verify Microphone Settings on Skype

If the Mic is not configured properly, then the Mic might stop working leaving you puzzled. Else, your device might have various microphones or if you are using an external mic, then Skype may fail to detect it and you can encounter the Skype mic not working issue.

The very first thing you have to do is to tap on three dots menu that is located on the Sidebar. Now, navigate to choose the Settings tab by clicking on it. It will launch the Skype Settings page.

Select Microphone settings and if needed, then change the Microphone from default to your device. Restart your device and reopen the Skype application and check the status of the issue you are facing.

Solution 3: Adjust the Audio Settings

Adjust the Audio Settings on Skype

First of all, you have to log in to Skype with your own account. But be sure while you are providing username and password. If you provide the wrong input, then you become unable to access your Skype account.

Stay in the same tab and choose Tools as well. Now, select Options and navigate to the Audio Settings. You will find this option at the left pane of the window. Now, set your Microphone device and un-check the “Automatically adjust microphone settings” option.

Lastly, tap on Save to apply the changes you have done. Finally, check if the Skype mic not working problem gets resolved or still appearing on your device.

Solution 4: Check the Audio Service

Check the Audio Service on Skype

In case any service gets stopped, then it might affect the hardware performance and as a result, the users confront the Skype mic not working issue.

On such occasions, you have to restart your audio services and check if the problem gets solved or not.

The first and foremost thing you have to do is to launch the Run menu by pressing the Windows and R button at the same time. After that, click on the dialog box and type “services.msc” in it. 

Hit the Enter button and open the Services window. Now, you need to find the Windows Audio icon from the services list. Then, choose the Windows Audio icon by right-clicking on it and choose Properties as well.

Stay on this page and verify the service status. If the status is disabled, then you need to enable it and tap on OK. Finally, check if the Skype mic is working properly or still remains the same.

Solution 5: Check if Skype has Mic Permission

Check if Skype has Mic Permission

In Windows 10/8.1/8/7 device, you can enable or disable mic for any program in your device. If you do not allow permission, then it might restrict you to use Skype properly. Else follow the below-mentioned procedures.

At the initial step, click on the Settings icon from the Windows Menu. After that, navigate to choose the Privacy Settings and here you have to select the Microphone as well. You can find this option from the left-hand side menu.

Now, check that if the Skype status is in On state or not. If not, then toggle the option to enable it. Finally, check if the solution is workable for you or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Set Up a Microphone on Windows 10/8.1/8/7?

At first, choose the Volume icon by right-clicking on it. Now, select Sounds from the list of options. Then, navigate to the Recording tab and tap on the microphone or recording device you desire to set up. Click on Configure and then click on the “Set up Microphone” icon as well. Finally, go through the instructions that are showing on the screen.

We expect that you can easily fix Skype mic not working issue in your device by following the above-mentioned tricks.

Keep your eyes on the entire article and do not make any mistake while performing the solutions. However, if you have any further doubts, then reach an expert for any additional help.