Quick Fix Skype Error 1618 : 4+ Pro Tricks

The error code of 1618 generally triggers while installing the application. Due to this issue, the installation of Skype can fail midway and generate various kinds of trouble. In order to explore all the features in this video calling app, troubleshooting Skype error 1618 is essential.

Sometimes, this issue can pop up on your screen if there are parallel installation going on for Skype. Also, users can experience this error when Skype installation conflicts with Windows 10 updates or try to install any other software. 

According to some experts, the installation error 1618 can occur if Skype has not been uninstalled properly. There are incidents when a malware or virus attack can corrupt the system files on your PC. Thus, it can affect Skype files and cause this installation problem at any time. 

Solutions To Resolve Skype Installation Error 1618 On Your System:

If you can’t install or uninstall the program of Skype due to this error code 1618, you can apply some technical hacks. So, let’s check out some of the best ways to deal with Skype error 1618. 

Solution 1- End the Process of msiexec.exe

Whenever your system detects the installation of multiple programs at a specific time, it can generate various errors. So, if you are attempting to install Skype more than once within a certain time interval, it can lead to error 1618.

So, if some other software installation are going on in the background during installing Skype, this issue can occur anytime. This is why you will have to terminate the msiexec.exe process so that multiple programs don’t install at a time.

In order to apply this fix, launch the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl, Shift, and Esc buttons simultaneously. Then, click on the tab of ‘Details’ on the Task Manager window. 

Next locate the name of ‘msiexec.exe’ from the list of items and check its system status. If Windows is already running it in the background, click on it and select ‘End task’.

After ending the process for this Windows installer, try to install Skype and see if its showing 1618 error code. 

Solution 2- Launch Skype App with Administrator Rights

Often, users experience this installation error while doing the setup for Skype. Hence, if you are seeing the error message about 1618 frequently, try to acquire Admin privileges before installing Skype. 

For this, simply click on the Windows Start menu (if using Windows PC) and find the Skype setup file. However, make sure that your system has already downloaded the Skype installer before trying this fix.

After you locate the setup file or installer for Skype, check its compatibility with the OS. In case there is any mismatch, go to the official website of ‘Skype’ and install the correct setup file. 

So, navigate to the Skype installer and right-click on this application launcher. Then, select the option of ‘Run as administrator’. Hopefully, running the Skype app as Admin will resolve error code 1618 successfully. 

In case, the error is still there, try to follow remaining methods to troubleshoot the installation error in Skype.  

Solution 3- Edit Windows Registry for Skype

Many times, when there are corrupted Skype entries in the Windows Registry, it can generate error 1618. This is the reason why you need to edit the content and fix the issue manually. 

But, before you start editing entries in the Registry Editor, make sure to have a proper backup of your device. Also, don’t attempt to make any changes if you are not a technical geek and consult an expert instead.

So, after you have created the backup for your valuable files and/or the Registry entries, try the following steps.

First, open the Run dialog box by hitting the tabs for both the Windows logo and the R key at the same time. Then write the command ‘regedit’ in the box provided next to Open: and press the ‘Enter’ button.

Once, you notice the Registry Editor window on your display, choose the registry keys/subkeys for backing up. So, click on the tab of ‘File’ and then select the ‘Export’ option.

Now, select ‘Choose the location’ button and provide a suitable name for the backup file. Finally, click on the ‘Save’ tab and wait for Windows to register these changes. 

Steps to Make the Necessary Changes in Windows Registry

Follow the steps discussed above to launch the Run dialog box (Windows+R). Then, type ‘regedit’ and open the window for ‘Registry Editor’. Now, follow the path link ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\’.

So, if you observe any files in the folder of ‘PendingFileRenameOperations’, select and delete them entirely. After that, navigate to ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Updates’ and locate the entry in ‘UpdateExeVolatile’. 

After this step, double click on the entry against this specific parameter and change the value to ‘0’ (zero). Now, restart the process of Skype installation and check whether its producing error code 1618. 

If the error appears while launching the Skype app, make sure that you undo the changes in the Windows Registry. This is when, you can utilize the backup file for the registry entries, which you have extracted before.

So, to restore the Windows Registry, launch the Registry Editor from the Run dialog box and go to the ‘File’ section. Then, click on ‘Import’ and select ‘Import Registry File’. 

Finally, locate the backup file for the previous registry entries for Skype and restore them to the original location. In case, you are unable to access the files or create a backup for Skype entries, take help from a professional. 

Solution 4- Remove Junk Files and Temporary Skype Data

If your system has some unresolved issues or messy apps before installing the Skype app, it can cause the error. So, for removing temporary installation files from previous attempts to install Skype, follow the steps below.

First, launch the Run dialog box and write ‘temp’ in the text field. Then, open the temporary (Temp) folder and erase all the files in it. Otherwise, navigate to the location of ‘C:\Windows\Temp and make sure that the entire folder is empty. 

Apart from this, you can also run the Disk Cleanup tool and scan your system for junk files. It will also detect corrupted files in the Skype installer, which can produce error 1618. 

After running System File Checker, wait for Windows to display the list of issues related to Skype error 1618. So, you can resolve the Skype installation problems by applying advanced solutions. Otherwise, reach out to a Skype technician to suggest appropriate steps for resolving the error. 

In case, you are unable to troubleshoot the error code 1618 by following the solutions discussed here, take help from experts. If you have some additional tips to fix the Skype installation error message 1618, share it in the space below.