Proven Methods To Resolve Windows Error 0xc000021a

Windows error 0xc000021a is one of the most common problems that is often faced by a number of users. On such occasions, the users need to restart their devices without any proper reasons. But if the users failed to do that, then it can create serious problems as well as cause internal damage to the system.

Moreover, this error code is also known as the “Blue Screen” error. An error message “STATUS_SYSTEM_PROCESS_TERMINATED” keeps constantly showing on the display of the computer. 

This error code can occur due to several reasons. Winlogon.exe file is one of the main reasons that are responsible for getting this issue. Moreover, if you have installed a different third-party application, then there is also a chance of getting the same error code.

By any case, if the Csrss.exe files get corrupted or damaged, then this can lead to the same error code. Also, it restricts you to work properly with your Windows 10 device.

Are you also experiencing the same problem? Want to know the perfect tricks regarding this glitch? Do not get worried about that. Have a look at the entire article and execute the steps exactly as it is. It will help you to get rid of the error permanently.

Excellent Methods to Fix Windows Error 0xc000021a:

The first thing we recommend you is to restart your device when you see the Windows error 0xc000021a. Seldom a simple restart can help you to get rid of the error code at the earliest possible. But if you are still facing the same, then follow the next troubleshooting section. There you can find some effective methods as well.

Method 1: Boot Windows Manually

Booting your Windows can easily solve this issue. But you need to be very careful while executing the steps.

The first thing you have to do is to put the installation disc into the disc port on the device that you are using. Then, choose the Restart button for restarting your system. After that, you can see a list of options that will be displayed on the screen. From there, choose “Troubleshoot” and navigate to select the Advanced icon.

From the next tab, click on Startup Settings and let the process to continue. In the meantime, you have to press the F7 button on your keyboard to turn off the “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement”. For one more time, choose the Restart icon and turn on your device automatically.

Check if you are still getting the same error code or not.

Method 2: Remove the Recently Installed Applications

It is pretty possible that when you install any new software, you can see this Windows 10 error code 0xc000021a. On such occasions, you have to remove those applications from your device. To do so, the first and foremost thing that you have to choose is the Start button to launch the Start Menu list and after that, click on the “Control Panel” option as well.

Moreover, you need to start the Run box by clicking on the “Windows Home” button and “R” key at the same time on your keyboard. Now, navigate to the Run box and type “Control Panel” in it. Now, hit the Enter button for once.

When the Control Panel window launch, you have to search the “Programs and Features” option and then choose the Uninstall Program option. By this process, the list of newly installed applications will be shown on the screen. Just right-click on it. Then, tap on the applications that you want to remove from your device.

Finally, click on the Uninstall option and keep waiting while the uninstalling process is going on. Restart your computer and verify if the same issue restricts your work or not.

Method 3: Check the HDD

Due to damaged HDD, the users might encounter this error code. Follow the below steps to eradicate it from your device.

First of all, you have to start the “This PC” option by double-clicking on it. After that, right-click on the Local Disk C for starting the list of options. Now, choose the Properties icon by clicking on it.

Now, navigate to the Tools option and click on the Check button as well. Now, you can see that the scanning procedure has started. You need to wait for a couple of minutes to finish the scanning process. When it gets completed, then finally restart your device and check if the error code is still showing on the display or not.

Method 4: Change the Failed Windows Update

If you shut down your device while applying the updates, then sometimes you might see that the error code is appearing on the screen. On such cases, you should forcibly turn off your device. Then you can get rid of this problem by changing the failed Windows update.

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to insert the Windows installation DVD or Recovery disk in your computer.
  • After that, tap on Restart and let your device reboot automatically.
  • When your computer turns on, then tap on the Next option and choose “Repair your computer” link. 
  • Then, select Troubleshoot and navigate to choose Advanced Options. 
  • Now, click on Command Prompt and move to the Search section. There type “dism.exe /image:C: /Cleanup-image /revertpendingactions”. Here the term C indicates that it is the system driver of your computer.
  • At the last step, click on Enter and save the changes you have done recently.

Hopefully, the entire tutorial works for you to solve Windows error 0xc000021a in no time. Here we have tried to give the most efficient hacks to fix the issue. Apart from the above methods, you can also scan your device for checking the virus and malware or even wait for a few days to remove this error code automatically from your device.

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