Need Help To Resolve Windows Defender Error 577? Approach Experts

Windows Defender is a popular anti-malware component that keeps your system free from malware infections. Along with time, there are certain issues that the users often come up with. Many of the users have come across Windows Defender Error 577 frequently with Windows Defender.  At this time, you may receive an error message displayed as “Windows cannot verify the digital signature for your file”. Therefore, if you are finding it difficult to resolve it on your own, we recommend you to apply the steps from below and get rid of this problem instantly.

Below-mentioned steps are highly useful to consider and thus will resolve this issue easily.

Steps To Resolve Windows Defender Error 577

All the below steps are penned down by Windows Tech Support experts to help you get rid of this problem without any difficulty. So let us see them one by one:

Solve Issues With Malware In The System

Here, you must check for malicious programs in your system. So disable your antivirus software to avoid any kind of future issues.  However, it is always good to disable the anti-malware software in your system.

Uninstall Your Third-Party Anti-Malware

To fix the above problem, follow the steps from here:

Press the “Windows key + X” key together. Now, you must navigate to the “Control Panel” and choose ”Programs” icon. Click “Programs” option and select “Features”.

The next thing is to must have a check whether you have any antivirus software installed in your system. If so, uninstall it now. Reboot your computer at last and check if the error is still persisting.  

Activate Your Win Defender Via Update & Security

  1. Click “Start” icon and tap “Settings” icon. Here, you will find an option “Update & Security” where you need to choose the “Windows Defender” option.
  2. Now, activate your real-time protection option.

Run The System File Checker Process

This will help you restore all the corrupted files in your system.

Press “Windows key + X” key and tap “Command Prompt” icon. Now, type  “sfc /scannow” command and hit the “Enter” button. You must wait till the process gets completed.

In case there are defective files found, clean it up. Tap the “enter” button. After that, wait for the process to finish and exit from the Command prompt. At last, reboot your system now and proceed with Windows Defender.

Correct Issues With Windows Registry Settings

To  Resolve Windows Defender Error 577, click “start” icon. Now, type “regedit” command and press the “enter” key. You are required to create a “registry backup” process and click “File’ option. Choose “Export” option and enter the file name. Select “All” option that will appear just under “Export range” icon. Click Save.

On the left panel, you will come with a key option known as “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE => SOFTWARE => Microsoft”. Highlight the “Windows Defender” option. Now, go to the right panel and double-click “Disable Antivirus” option. Here, you need to modify its value data to 0 status.

After that, follow the same process with “AntiSpyware entry” too. Go to the left panel and expand the key known as “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE”. You must choose “Software” option and click “Microsoft” button.  Try to work with the “Windows NT” version. Here, you need to click on “Image File Execution” icon.

You need to delete all the entries starting with “MSASCui.exe” command, MpCmdRun.exe or MsMpEng.exe commands. Exit from the Registry Editor and restart your PC.

Connect With Experts For Prompt Solutions!

In case you are perplexed with issues relating to Windows Defender, leave it to the expert to resolve it. Connect with Windows Customer Support expert team to fix the issues with Windows Defender. So having communication with these experts means, you don’t have to search here and there for a loyal solution provider.

No matter how complex these problems seem to be, the technicians are highly efficient and competent to fix even the complex problems in seconds. Therefore, these certified technicians spend as much time as it is required to resolve the Windows Defender service error 577.

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Reach Windows Support Experts For Further Help

Keeping your convenience in mind, our Windows Defender experts are available via three different ways. So you can dial the Windows Defender Number at  +1-855-334-7340 straightaway and get an instant response from our end. Fix Windows Defender Error 577 Windows 10 with our efficient experts.

Additionally, you can also reach us by dropping us an email at [email protected] stating your exact Windows Defender concern. You can avail our chat support facility as well in order to communicate with our experts regarding your Windows Defender issues.