Resolve Windows 10 Blue Screen Error: Quick Hacks From Our Tech Experts

Windows users are facing different types of problems. However, the Blue screen error is one of them. It occurs if the OS is not a genuine one or the license of the OS gets failed. Due to the blue screen error, the Windows functions abnormally and restarts at its own will. The blue screen error is also termed as Blue screen of death or stop error. To resolve the Windows 10 blue screen error on your own, read this article.

What To Do When Windows 10 Blue Screen Error Occurs?

First of all, you don’t need to get afraid by seeing the blue screen error. Because this error is very common to the users and to solve it you need to identify the issue. When you encounter Windows 10 blue screen error, the system suddenly gets stopped without any notice and restarts on its own. So at first, you need to keep the blue screen to know the error code related to BSOD. To lock the blue screen follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Properties by right-clicking on the desktop screen.
  2. Under Systems and Properties click on the Advanced option.
  3. Then click on the Settings option of Startup and Recovery.
  4. In the Startup and Recovery Window navigate to System failure and uncheck “Automatically restart” option.
  5. Now click on OK to save the settings and end the process.

What Are The Causes Behind BSOD Error?

There are several causes of the blue screen error code. The primary reasons behind Windows 10 blue screen error are as follows.

  • Improper installation or up-gradation of Windows Operating System.
  • A virus attack can also be a cause of this error.
  • Old drivers, Firmware problems.
  • Faulty update of Windows.

These are the leading causes behind blue screen of death Windows 10.

Windows 10 Blue Screen Error: Amazing Solutions

To resolve Blue screen of death Windows 10, follow the procedures as below.

Scan And Remove The Malicious Files From The System.

Malicious files in the system can also be a cause behind the blue screen error. While browsing the internet, malicious files get to download and can corrupt data in your system. If this is the case, then you need to remove the harmful threads by using an antivirus software. Use Windows Defender to scan your system and remove the threads but if the threads are more strong an antivirus software is recommended.

However, removing the harmful threads does not bring back the corrupt file. You need to identify the corrupting data and repair it if possible. You can get the right condition of the damaged files back in your system by restoring the Operating System.

By removing the malicious files, you can protect your system from further injuries to occur. Always try to keep your system protected by using a premium version of antivirus software. Because the trial version can only protect your system from minor threads.

Keep The Hardware Drivers Up To Date

If any drivers get deleted from your system for any illegal activity, then it may be a cause of the Windows 10 blue screen error. To resolve the issue, you need to identify the faulty drivers. Many tools are available on the internet to identify the driver’s problem and solve it. Corruption of files can also be a cause of the error. Automatically driver updates option is available to the Windows 10 users. If you are using Windows 10 and drivers update is available then by default it automatically updates the drivers and gets to install in your system.

By installing the updated drivers, Windows 10 blue screen error can be fixed. Always try to upgrade your system to the latest version to get the new facilities and to keep the system safe from getting corrupt.

Reinstall The Operating System

If during the installation of Windows 10 any disturbance happens then it may be a cause of Windows 10 blue screen error. So, be careful at the time of installation of the Windows Operating System. Try to use UPS device for your system to run it at the time of power cut.

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