Troubleshoot Windows 10 Bad Pool Header With Expert Solutions

Windows 10 bad pool header generates the Blue Screen of Death error that is quite difficult to resolve for most users. Due to this issue, you can’t even start your device. Fortunately, this bad pool header problem in Windows 10 can be resolved by applying a few easy fixes. So, if you are looking for ways to troubleshoot this bad pool error, follow this article thoroughly. You will get to know the major reasons behind this BSOD issue and also service details of Microsoft Support to resolve this error.

What Is Windows 10 Bad Pool Header Issue?

Before knowing more about Windows 10 bad pool header, let’s analyze its meaning first. The term ‘Pool’ actually signifies the memory pool inside your Windows 10 Operating System. ‘Header’ on the other hand, ensures the proper addressing of the Windows application programming interface (API). So, whenever you are getting this error of bad pool header in your Windows 10 devices, it indicates certain technical issues with memory management allocation.

Why Does The Bad Pool Header Issue Occur?

You may experience this issue of BSOD bad pool header Windows 10 mostly due to corrupted memory pool in your device. However, the other reasons behind error include corrupt registry and drivers, faulty RAM and HDD issues.

Several customers are facing this problem after updating their Windows 10 and installing Skype in their device. So, if Skype or any other programs are conflicting with memory allocation, you may get this BSOD issue.

There can be BIOS issues in your system that can further lead to the bad pool header and create issues with device memory allocation.

Effective Steps To Fix BSOD Bad Pool Header Windows 10

Apply these following methods to resolve the error quickly:

Method 1 – Remove additional devices and undo recent modifications

If your Windows 10 is connected with external devices such as flash drive, USB hub, external disk, speakers, and webcams, unplug it. Also, if you have done some changes in your system like installation, uninstallation, removal or updates, undo it as well to resolve this error.

Method 2 – Disable third-party antivirus programs temporarily

For customers using antivirus and malware software other than Microsoft products, they may face this error in Windows 10. Hence, in order to get rid of this BSOD issue, you must disable these programs in your PC.

Method 3 – Update drivers and Windows 10

If the system is frequently coming across the bad pool header issue even after applying the above two methods, update Windows 10. Outdated drivers can also cause BSOD errors. Hence, you need to update it to fix this issue.

Method 4 – Test RAM and repair disk

In case there are any RAM issues, this error can cause memory allocation and pool header problems. So, run Memory Diagnostic to test the RAM status and look for disk errors as well. Running the diagnostic and repairing drives and disk can resolve this blue screen error.

If all these methods fail and you need problem-specific solutions to get rid of this BSOD issue, contact our troubleshooters at Microsoft Support.

Contact Microsoft Support For Resolving Windows 10 Bad Pool Header

We, at Microsoft Support, provide authentic solutions devised by top-notch professionals and certified troubleshooters to eliminate bad pool header problem in Windows 10. So, reach our support team anytime as our technicians are available 24×7 through calls, emails and chat facilities, as mentioned below.

Dial Microsoft Support helpline number at  +1-855-334-7340 to talk to our Windows 10 experts. Apart from that, you can also reach us through live chat or email at [email protected] availing handy solutions.