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Skype Playback Device Error : A Hassle-free Solution

Skype is a leading telecommunication software which has diligent customers all around the world. People can use it for personal as well as in their business. But the software is not free from technical glitches. You can face the Skype playback device error at the time of using the software. You can face the problem at the time of calling. But don’t worry. You will get the solutions here. Try them to fix the error on your own. Alternatively, you can contact us for help if you don’t want the complication.

What Is The Skype Playback Device Error?

You may stumble upon the problem when you try to call using Skype. The call will be dropped automatically after the first ring. The same thing can happen when you are getting the call. Even sometimes you can not use it for communication further.

Know The Reasons Behind The Skype Error

The playback device error mainly occurs when the software fails to find your audio device like the speakers or headphones. This error may either be in the data connection that you are using or with your device itself. If you are using an internet which is unstable or the device that you are using is slow or freezing too often, being corrupt due to a severe virus attack, then you may get this error message. Alternatively, if you are using an outdated audio driver, then also you will face the same. Again, wrong settings of Skype configuration files can cause this error.

Probably Fixes For The Issue With Your Skype

When you know the reasons for the error, then you would find it easier to solve it. Here you can have some fixes, which can straighten up the issue that you are facing with Skype right away. Follow the steps one after another until you find the suitable one for you.

Method 1: Remove The Audio Device

As the problem is due to the audio device, first of all, remove the audio device from your computer. Actually, you need to uninstall it from the Device Manager as well. To remove the device, press the key combination of Windows and “X”. Then you will see the Device Manager menu and move to Sound Video and Game Controller Section. Select your audio device from here. Now, right click on it and uninstall it. After that, perform a restart of your device, and you will find your problem disappears.

Method 2: Deactivate Your Audio Device Temporarily

If the previous one fails to work, you can try this step. If you disable the audio device temporarily, then you may get rid of this error. To perform this step, at first go to the Device Manager in the same way that you’ve navigated on previously. Find your audio device from here and disable it. After a while, right click on it and enable the device to see if the error exists or not.

Method 3: Check If You Choose the Correct Device Or Not

If you are using multiple audio devices at the same time, then you may choose the wrong device accidentally. For that reason check if you have selected the correct tool or not. It will be better if you decide the device manually. You can choose the device by following this step. Go to Skype and select Options from the Tools option. Now, locate the Audio Settings and open the speaker Section. Select and save the device which you are using. Now, check if you are getting the same error message or not.

Connect With The Technicians

If all the three methods fail to resolve the error, then you need to connect with the expert technicians. You can contact us as well. Similarly, if you have any questions in your mind regarding Skype playback device error Windows 10 or any other issue with respect to Skype, you can call us also. Our well-trained servicemen are always ready to help you.

Get in touch with us

If you need help regarding the Skype playback device error then you can contact our tech support helpdesk directly through phone calls at +1-855-334-7340  and emails at as well as live chat. They can fix any issues related to Skype. Furthermore, if you connect with us, we will give you suitable tips to fix it up. Alternatively, if you need manual support, they can visit you too. Apart from these, we will not take a lot of time.

Moreover, we are not expensive; you will get our service at a reasonable rate. For having a great experience, contact our Microsoft Support Canada Team. We are available 24×7. Hence, you can contact us whenever you need the help.

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