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Windows 10 is a popular version of Windows OS developed by Microsoft. It includes various features like improved multitasking, Cortana which makes it a well-liked one. However, being a popular one it is not a convenient one. Several technical glitches can hamper your productivity. Sometimes you can notice no sound on computer issues repeatedly. If you are one of those users who is getting frustrated with the frequent glitches of Windows 10 then don’t worry. Windows support team is here to help you with a comprehensive guide to resolve the issue. Try to follow this article till the end. At first, focus on the causes behind this error which will help you to make the troubleshooting process error free.

Reasons To Encounter Sound Errors In Your Windows 10

There are more than one possible reasons to encounter this kind of errors with your Windows 10. For instance-

  • Update Error– You can face this error due to an infected update of the Windows operating system.
  • Driver Error– It can happen that you are using an outdated device driver in your system as a result you are facing this troubles.
  • External Device Connection Error– You can face this issue due to a connection error of your external device.
  • Soundcard Error– You can face this error due to an infected sound card. So, at first, be sure that your PC includes a sound card or sound processor and it is doing it’s work properly.
  • Incorrect audio Format– It can happen that you have set an incorrect audio format in your system, as a result, you are facing no sound on computer issue.

After gathering much information about your trouble, focus on the solutions to resolve the error.

Easy Troubleshooting Hacks To Resolve No Sound On Computer Error

If you are getting frustrated with no sound on computer sound glitches in your system then don’t burden your mind. In this article, experts are providing easy methods to overcome this system glitch on your own. Try to follow all the methods carefully.

Method 1: Check The External Device

If you are facing this error due to a wrong external device you have connected then at first, you have to check weather cables and wires are connected properly or not. If you found any glitch there then at first resolve that matter. After that check the sounds again. If the error still persists then try another method given below.

Method 2: Disable Enhancement

Once you face a sound error to your PC then at first try to disable audio enhancement of your Windows 10. It will reduce the chances to face sound errors with your device.

Method 3: Check Audio Volume

It can happen that you have turned off the volume of your audio device, as a result, you are facing this kind of errors. In this case, try to check the volume of your audio device. If you find your device is in a low volume then at first make it high. If the error still persists after doing this method then try another method given below.

Method 5: Update Device Driver

It also can happen that you are facing this error due to an outdated device driver that’s why it fails to detect the external sound device. So, perform a device driver update to troubleshoot the bug. If you face the trouble again then try another method.

Method 4: Run Troubleshooter

While you are facing a sound issue with your PC then you should try to run the sound troubleshooter to fix the bug. To perform so, go to the Control Panel and perform the troubleshooting process. After this process, your job will be done.

If you are not tech savvy to troubleshoot this issue on your own then you can contact reliable technicians for further help and support irrespective of time at a pocket-friendly rate.

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