Microsoft Store Won’t Open: Easy Fixes To Follow

To make the Windows smooth, Microsoft has developed various applications to ease the end users’ experience. In that event, if you encounter Microsoft Store won’t open, then it can create nuisance scenario for you. Fortunately, we have easy ways, following those you can easily settle down the issue.

However, before troubleshooting the issue, make sure you have the updated version of the Windows operating system. If not, then consider updating the same to the latest version.

It is always better to know the problems you are dealing to resolve the issue most effectively. That being said, below we have mentioned some of the most common reasons behind this problem.

Reasons Behind Microsoft Store Won’t Open Issue

You can get almost all the software from Microsoft Store, but you may face the store is not responding. As a matter of fact, there could be a number of reasons for the same. Also, it’s quite common with Windows users.

Take a look at the reasons mentioned below.

  • Outdated Application: An outdated software could have perhaps the primary reason for such instances. If the app is not up to date then it might refuse to open, or even sometimes might award you with error codes.  
  • Caches Issue- Sometimes due to long accumulated caches memory can also trigger this issue. In this case, deleting the cache memory should resolve the issue in the first instance.
  • Virus Attack- It might be another reason for your Microsoft Store won’t open issue. Now, in that case, you can try a complete system scan to remove all the threats from your system.

So, these are the probable reasons for this Microsoft Store won’t open Windows 10. Nevertheless, there could be other factors that might cause this issue too.

Microsoft Store Won’t Open Windows 10: Resolve With Simple Steps

To be certain, there are several ways through which you should be able to solve the issue instantly on your own. For that follow the steps mentioned below, see if you can find the way out.

Install any Pending Updates – Sometimes, Windows auto-update feature leaves some updates pending for approval. That might create a bad impact on this problem. So, consider either removing or updating the same.

  1. Move to the settings option from the start menu. Navigate to the security and update options.
  2. From there choose the Windows update option and then check for the updates available. Then choose the option to Install the updates.

Reset the Caches- To reset the caches of your device do the following.

  1. Tap the Windows key and “R” button simultaneously to open the run command box.
  2. After that type the word “WSReset” in the run dialogue box. It will reset the caches then try to launch the Microsoft store.

Check the Time and Date– Sometimes when the date and time are not set accurately, then you may get the problem. So, go to the settings and check the time and date and see whether it is correct or not. Set the accurate time and date to resolve the issue.

Run the Windows Troubleshooter- In most of the cases, It fixes the issue in your system. To run the Windows troubleshooter, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Go to the settings and then to the update and security option. After that select the Troubleshoot option from the left side. In the next Window, go to the option of ” find and fix problems.”
  2. Then select the Windows troubleshooter option and run it on your system.

Closely following these fixes, you should be able to launch Microsoft store successfully. If the problem Microsoft Store won’t open is not resolved yet, then contact our support team for further advanced assistance.

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