Troubleshoot Microsoft Edge Won’t Open Error: Recommendable Tech Support

Microsoft Edge generates one endless browsing experience for all Windows 10 Users. It comes in a box as a smaller and much more streamlined than the other browsers available in the market. Since your Windows 10 updates automatically, it brings along a lot of technical breaches for Microsoft Edge. Your Microsoft Edge won’t open at times, thereby making it difficult for you to settle the matter. But the panic days are over.  Microsoft Customer Service can provide you with the top of the line hacks to resolve the error.

Why Microsoft Edge Won’t Open|Probable Reasons

Before proceeding to troubleshoot the error, you must understand the underlying cause that is the reasons behind why your Microsoft Edge won’t open. Identifying the root cause of the issue will solve the problem half way.

The various causes that interrupt the proper function of Microsoft Edge include :

  • There can be a fault in the appropriate connectivity setup.
  • Due to lack of space in your device, there is a chance of general slowness.
  • You might have forgotten the password or tried logging in with an incorrect one.
  • The Home button may fail to display due to any recent unwanted changes.
  • There may be a problem in changing your default search engine.
  • Your device might be having malicious programs or virus infection.

These potentially unwanted programs can redirect as well as hamper system performance at the same time.

How To Fix Microsoft Edge Won’t Open Issue|Instant Fix

Professional help will provide you with step by step measures to eliminate the error message.

Solution 1: Check For A Clean Boot

If you are utilizing any third party programs, then there is a change that the software may conflict. To dodge this critical situation, launch Windows applying a minimum clique of drivers and software programs.

First, you need to log in as an administrator and enter msconfig to select System Configuration. Then navigate through the Services tab > Hide all Microsoft services > Disable all. Finally, go to the Startup tab and hit the Task Manager to select the item and Disable them.

Now, you need to return to System Configuration window and confirm your action through the OK button. Check if the problem persists after you reboot your computer. If it does, then you need to go through the subsequent steps.

Solution 2: Run System File Checker Tool

You can use the System Checker Tool to help you out of the issue with ease. To start the process, you have to Press the Windows key as well as the X key and select the Command Prompt. Now, type in the command box sfc /scannow and select Enter. Verify if the process gets complete and the error gets fixed.

Solution 3: Close All Edge Processes

Microsoft users report that Microsoft Edge won’t open due to multiple Edge processes, that might be running in the background. You need to locate these processes and using the Task Manager end there work. The steps are simple, navigate through Ctrl + Shift + Esc> Task Manager. When the tab appears, right click on Edge’s process and select the End Task option.

Solution 4: Remove Browsing History And Cache

You can also try to clear the temporary files which consume a lot of space in your system. The problem might have a link with the browser cache and history. To resolve the error, you have to clear your cache as well as the browsing history. You can seek the help of any third party tool or do it manually.

If you are struggling and Windows 10 Microsoft Edge won’t open, then you must appoint professional help to mitigate the error.

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