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Microsoft Edge Icon: Solve Disappearing Issue With Instant Tech Support

Microsoft Edge icon disappear is the most common problem with Windows 10 users. Although the Edge has replaced the default internet explorer in Windows 10. Yet it fails to immune the product completely. Is such a scenario, the browser icon got missing from the start menu and even from the taskbar as well. Fortunately, you don’t have to ruffle about Microsoft Edge missing icon problem. Through this article, we have mentioned some smart fixes, following the same should resolve the error. So, read the entire post and find a suitable way out of this problem.

Issues You May Face If Microsoft Edge Icon Does Not Appear

Due to this error in Windows 10, you might not be able to locate in your system. This can be a big issue as it interrupts your browsing experience. So, before starting with the troubleshooting, it would be nice to know about the factors that causing the Edge icon goes missing from your OS.

Some of the common situations are as follows:

  • While performing system restoration on your Windows 10, the browser icon might disappear from the system.
  • Due system conflicts, if Windows 10 unable to set the settings for Desktop mode, you may face this issue.
  • Some users may as well face this problem if the Windows files are corrupt including the CBS.LOG files.
  • In case, you have made any recent software or hardware changes in your computer then you can expect this problem to a large extent.
  • If you have recently upgraded NetFlow Analyzer Service packs to BUILD 10250, the Edge icon can disappear.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, there could be a number of reasons that might give rise to this issue.

Resolve Microsoft Edge Icon Disappeared: Impeccable Solutions

If you want to get back Microsoft Edge icon in your Windows 10 system, follow these simple fixes below.

Pin The Edge Icon To The Taskbar

Sometimes, it is difficult to locate the Edge icon, even if it is present in your system. So, look for it in your Windows 10 device thoroughly. For this, you can use the Windows search option. If you find it in any location, then right-click on the icon and select ‘Pin to taskbar’.

Make Use Of System File Checker

You can use this built-in command utility tool to scan your system for corrupt Windows files. It does not only detect the corrupted files but fixes the same as well. So, if you enter sfc or scannow command in the Command Prompt, this might restore icon back into your system.

Fix 3: Disable Windows Firewall

The Windows Defender program has the tendency to unnecessarily block system programs or files. Due to this, you may not be able to find the Microsoft Edge icon. So, temporarily turn off the Firewall and check whether it works in resolving the problem. For this, search for Windows Defender Firewall and select ‘Off’ to disable this tool. Then restart the system to save these changes and it should resolve the problem.

Turn Off Third-Party Antivirus

The Edge missing icon problem might also occur due to a third-party antivirus program installed in your PC. So, if you find this software is preventing Microsoft Edge to work properly, then disable the same as well. To make sure that this problem never occurs again, add this antivirus to the blacklist.

Uninstall Latest Windows 10 Update

Many users have reported that the Microsoft Edge icon disappeared after updating Windows 10 to the latest version. So, you can roll back the recent updates to restore the browser icon back. To do this, go to Windows 10 ‘Settings’ and search for ‘Updates & Security’. After this, find the ‘Windows Update’ and look for ‘Update history’. Then search for the problematic update and right-click on it and click on ‘Uninstall’ option. Finally, restart your system to apply the necessary changes and now check if you can see the icon in the Windows taskbar.

There can be many other instances where Windows 10 might hide the Microsoft Edge file and advanced fixing option. So, you can get the correct analysis of your problem from a reliable tech support team.

Get In Touch With Us For More Information On Microsoft Edge Issue

If the fixes mentioned above in this article didn’t help you bring in the Microsoft Edge icon. Then consult our Microsoft Support tech expert team for advanced troubleshooting methods. We have the industry’s best tech experts in our team to help you resolve the issue in just a flicker of time. Hence, give us a call at
anytime to talk to our Microsoft Customer Support professionals and resolve your technical problems then and there. Also, you can reach us through email which is and Live Portal services to fix issues with Microsoft Edge like Microsoft Edge Won’t Open or others Microsoft issues.

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