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Microsoft Edge Hijacked : Get Instant Solution to Fix Your Issue

Microsoft edge is the default browser in Windows 10 which offers rich browsing experience. The performance is quite impressive throughout. However, unfortunately, some users reported issues while using the Microsoft edge. A common issue that users face is Microsoft edge hijacked. Though the problem might sound difficult to handle, but can be fixed with simple tricks.

Here in this article, we have mentioned some of the easy fixes to help you resolve the issue on your own. So, go through this article and find the suitable way out.

Please note, it may require a basic technical knowledge to resolve the issue. Hence, keeping that in mind we have enlisted the simple steps that should not require any deep technical understanding. But, before that let’s take a look at the reasons that might be causing the issue.

The Reasons Why The Microsoft Edge Hijacked

In some events, when you open the Microsoft edge you find a prompted error message asking you to call a specific number to fix the issue. It is basically a scam that occurs when the server stuck in the false websites.

This error message comes every time when you open your Microsoft Edge web browser. It won’t allow you to work properly. The problem arises most probably when you visit any malicious website.

Microsoft Edge hijacked issue may also arise if there is any corrupt file present in the system. In addition, if there is any missing updates or any software conflict then you can expect the error message.

If you do not solve this issue then you won’t be able to use the Microsoft Edge and your work will lag behind. To avoid this you need to resolve this issue quickly.

How To Fix Microsoft Edge Homepage Hijacked Issue?

So, these are the main cause that might give rise to this issue. As a matter of fact, irrespective of the reasons, following these solutions you should be able to resolve the issue in the first instance.

  • Turn-on the Airplane mode- In most of the cases, turning on the Airplane mode will fix your issue. To turn it on, go to the Taskbar and click on the network icon.

After that select the Airplane mode from the menu. Once it is done, open the Microsoft edge and close the tab. Again close the Microsoft edge and then turn off the Airplane mode. It should resolve the problem, now check, if the problem persists.

  • Open one of the favorites- To do this follow the steps mentioned below.
  1. Move to the C:\Users\User name\favourites. In the favorites folder, all the frequently visited websites will be listed. Selecting a website from the list double-click on it.
  2. It will open in the Microsoft Edge. Now, you can close the infected tab for which you are getting this error message. Once the website is open in the separate tab, now you can try opening the new tab. At this point, you should not be getting this error anymore.
  • Clear the caches in Microsoft Edge– Following the steps, you should be able to perform the task.
  1. Close the tab where you get the issue. Click on the more icon and then navigate to the settings option. After that, choose clear cache memory along with the cookies.
  2. Choose the options you want to clear. Tick on the options of browsing history, cookies, cached data files and click on the clear option. After clearing caches, restart the Microsoft Edge.
  • Create a Web shortcut in your system – To create the Web shortcut, do the followings.
  1. Right-click on your desktop and choose the option of “New” and then “shortcut”. Enter the URL “” or any website address in the input field and click on the next option.
  2. After that enter the name of the shortcut and select the finish option. When you have created the shortcut, double-click on it and it will open in the Edge browser in the next Window and you will be able to close the problematic tab.

Try the above solutions and see which one works for you. If you get stuck at any point or your issue is not resolved yet then take the help of our support team.

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