Microsoft Edge Can’t Reach This Page: Solved With Technical Support

Microsoft Edge is a web browser created and marketed by Microsoft. This web browser is so much popular for its user-friendliness and unique features. Being a popular browser, yet it is not free from errors. Like any other software, users often struggle to resolve technical errors on their own. If you are one of them with a faulty Edge then at times, you may face issues regarding Microsoft Edge Can’t Reach This Page whenever you are trying to access it. However, once you face the error then you need to resolve the matter on your own. In order to resolve the matter at first, you have to know more about the error in detail which will smoothen the troubleshooting process. So, at first, let’s focus on the causes behind the error.

Reasons Behind Microsoft Edge Won’t Connect To Internet

There are so many possible reasons for encountering this frustrating error. You might face this type of error any time you try to access Microsoft Edge. But this error mostly occurs at that time when you have updated your Windows version to Windows 10. In this case, DNS client gets disabled and the browser fails to reach the destination page.
As you gathered so much information about the error then, now let’s focus on the solutions first.
Remarkable Solutions For Microsoft edge can’t reach this page Error
No matter why or when you are encountering such kind of errors but once you face so, you have to fix the matter on your own.

In this article, we are providing sufficient effective solutions. Try to follow them whichever looks convenient for you.

Method 1: Check The Add-Ons

If you are getting this error due to the error of Add-Ons then at first try to check the Add-ons first. To do so, go to the internet explorer and manage the add-on’s settings.

Method 2: Enable DNS Client

May you are getting this error due to the unchecked DNS client. So, in this case, go to the Internet Explorer settings and make the DNS client ” Enabled”. After this process, restart your Edge and check whether the error is resolved.

Method 3: Change DNS

If the error still persists instead of enabling the DNS client then try to change the DNS values from the Networking properties window. After this process, restart your Edge again and check the status.

Method 4: Reinstall Edge

If the error still persists then, maybe it is the problem of your Edge. in this case, try to reinstall or update the Edge. This process will take some time and after this process check whether the error is resolved. You will surely get rid of the error.
Hope, you have already resolved your Edge matter with the help of this support article. If not, then there is some internal glitch with Edge. Let the experts know about your trouble and they will resolve them at any time.

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