Microsoft Account Unusual Sign-in Activity: Get A Feasible Solution Here

Microsoft account gives us high reliability while accessing the Outlook account by keeping an eye on the account access. Therefore, it acts as an informing letter provided by Microsoft Official site if another person wants to access your account without your permission. But, Microsoft Account Unusual Sign-in Activity sometimes becomes a critical issue to the daily users. Without proper authentication, you won’t be able to access your Microsoft Outlook account successfully.

In this article, we have discussed a few solutions here to help you sort out the sign-in activity problem easily.

Role Of Microsoft Unusual Sign-in Activity

It saves your Outlook account from unofficial access. Therefore, while anyone is trying to access it illegally, you will get an email in your registered email account. Moreover, you will get an instant text message regarding the unauthorized access because of the second layer protection facility of the Microsoft. Thus, it maintains the privacy and protects our account from the cybercriminals through phishing.

Issues With Microsoft Account Unusual Sign-in Activity

Microsoft Account Unusual Sign-in Activity plays a vital role in legal access. Sometimes, it becomes an irritating factor if the user access gets denied due to the certification error.

If you try to sign in or access your Outlook account from other devices that are not verified by your Outlook profile, then you will face difficulty to open the account. Therefore, you might go through the two-verification process. Two security codes will be generated on your email and phone number in a numeric/an alpha-numeric format.

Again, if you are accessing your Outlook account after a long time, you should verify your credentials before accessing it. After that, you might go through some of the critical steps. If you fail to cover that particular section or skip those steps, it will be quite challenging to remove.

Quick Solutions For Removing The Unusual Sign-in Activity

Method 1: Re-Check The Attachments

First, recheck the attachments before opening any unknown link. Otherwise, your device may be operated through the scammers, and they can steal all of your confidential.

Method 2: Two-Step Verification Steps

You may avoid this unusual sign-in activity through the two-step verification processes. So, you may follow the necessary steps from below to authenticate the devices and protect the system from the hackers.

  • First, open the Security basics settings page and click on “Sign in” link.
  • After that, select “More security” under Sign-in and choose “Two-step verification”.
  • Now, set up the Two verification process and complete it successfully.

In the case of the verification, you may use another email to make this process easier.

Method 3: Block Sending New Emails

Sometimes, the cybercriminals send some of the links through which they can steal all the credentials of your system. So if you want to avoid phishing on your system, you may go through the process from below.

First, open your Outlook account and click on “Settings”(Gear icon) at the right side of the window. Here, you will get, “Option”. Now, choose the option, “Safe and Blocked senders”. Finally, you can set the email address which you want to block. Now, you can block that email address by clicking on the phishing scam option and resolve Microsoft Account Unusual Sign-in Activity issue easily.

Method 4: Use System Security Software

The system security software, such as the Antivirus and the firewall, both play a vital role in protecting your PC. So, you have to install a strong antivirus software to detect the scam issues.

First, download any antivirus software from an authenticate weblink. Now, save it in your system. After that, you right-click on the setup file or the executable file. Now, choose the option, “Run as administrator” from the pop-up menu. Finally, Confirm the installation process by clicking on “Confirm”. Now, wait until the installation process has been finished successfully.

If you are still struggling with the sign-in activity in Outlook, you can get in touch with us for technical help.

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