Resolve Left Mouse Button Not Working Swiftly

Mouse plays an essential part in devices like laptop and computer. Besides selecting an option, the mouse helps to choose that icon and performs the function of the Enter key. In a nutshell, it a shortcut to open and close all the tabs you are currently working on. But you may face troubles if your little device suddenly stops working or does not respond to your touch. Read the article if the left mouse button not working on your device.

Probable Reasons Why Left Mouse Button Not Working

  • The mouse is a delicate part of your computer or laptop. But there can be both hardware and software glitch as to why left mouse button not working. Let us sort out the causes in details.
  • The external component may stop working abruptly if the wire is broken or damaged.
  • Similarly, if the touch ball or pad underneath the surface of the device is crashed, then it won’t function
  • Left mouse button not working Windows 10 appears when there are some changes in the settings of the OS. Possibly, the mouse is not enabled to perform the activities.
  • There can be a hardware glitch as well. If the laptop is damaged and showing signs of unrest, the machine might respond slowly while giving an input.
  • Further, if there are software glitches, this device will surely freeze for a while. For instance, if any antivirus tool is installed and interferes with the tabs of the Windows, such issues might appear as well.
  • Last but not the least, Windows registry errors can also affect the touchpad sensitivity and might as well slow down the process.

With these, we come to our next section on how to resolve the problem.

Resolve Mouse Not Working

Follow these simple steps to eliminate the trouble on your own. Follow them minutely for desired results.

Method 1

Move to the settings of your Device (computer) and tap on Mouse settings. Now check the Properties and make necessary changes. If it is locked, to unlock the same you can use the option present in the list. Now you need to Apply all the changes for best results.

Method 2: Modifications In The Settings

Otherwise, make certain modifications in the device driver. You can upgrade the Mouse or uninstall Graphics or Audio Drivers. Restart the machine and check whether the left mouse button not working issue is solved.

Method 3

  1. As an alternative, tap on the Windows 10 menu and select the Device Manager.
  2. Find the Mouse option and choose it using the right side of the device. Open the propensities and search for Driver. Now, select the Uninstall button.  

Additional Solutions

  1. Detach the USB cord from the socket of your computer and reattach it after a while.
  2. You can use a different mouse. If the mouse still does not respond correctly, the fault lies in the computer itself.
  3. Simultaneously tap on Windows key and R and open the dialog box. Now enter the code ‘taskmgr’ and view the Task Manager.
  4. Open the file and select the option available on the list. Enter PowerShell and click the box for proceeding further. Now, press the Enter key and wait for minutes before the activity is complete.
  5. In case you face restriction, enter the command “sfc/ scannow” and wait patiently. In case any error code appears on the screen, do not waste a single moment and dial the helpline number stated below to let us help you.

Solutions At Your Finger Tips

In case the problem is creeping back, then at this moment seeking professional help would be a good idea. Our technicians follow a comprehensive work pattern and respond fast to your queries. They make sure that the trouble goes away without encountering any data loss. Therefore, dial the Microsoft customer care number +1-855-334-7340 and talk to the certified professionals in the first instance.

We provide remote assistance and can be availed through email and live chat. Drop us an email to the official mail ID which is [email protected] and wait for our reply. Further, avail the live chat portal for instant guidance.

We assure that your problem will be solved in minutes without paying any hidden cost. So, choose us for effective ways of combating with the problem.