DNS Server Not Responding: Get Easy Fixes Instantly With Us

Many people have encountered that they fail to access the internet over their home network. When you try to connect to the internet, you have to connect to the DNS(Domain Name System) server. After that, the DNS server receives the request and redirects you to the website. You may be not able to connect for various reasons. DNS Server Not Responding error may be a significant reason for this Connectivity problem. When this problem occurs, the user is unable to explore their favourite websites. Troubleshooting this error might be tricky because a message appears that says the computer settings are correctly configured when you check the DNS settings.

Troubleshooting Methods to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error

Resolving this issue might be a complex task. You may have to consult experts to solve the server not responding issues of DNS. If you are using Windows 10, you can try the following methods to fix them.

Correct The DNS Server Settings

You may encounter this error due to an incorrect DNS server settings. So, in order to fix this error, you need to configure a correct DNS server settings.

At first, go to the Control Panel and open the Network and Sharing Centre. After that, click on the option Change adapter settings. Locate the Local Area Connection and right-click to open properties. Then, click on Internet Protocol version 4( TCP/IPv4). A dialogue box will open up where you have to click on properties.

Then, check/tick the options to obtain the IPv6 address and DNS server address automatically. A process will start to obtain these addresses. After that, click on the Ok button. Now, try to access your website and check if the DNS Server Not Responding appears.

Clear The DNS Cache And Reset The IP Address

Open the Command Prompt as administrator. Now, type the following commands.





Now, go to your browser and try to access your website.

Update The Network Drivers

DNS Server Not Responding may occur due to incorrect drivers. The drivers may be corrupted or expired. You can automatically or manually update the drivers. Auto-updating the drivers is the best option as you can do it very quickly.

Open the Control Panel and check the latest drivers and update them.

To manually download the drivers you need to go to the manufacturer’s website and install the best-suited drivers. Now see if the error persist.

Temporarily Disable The Antivirus And Firewall

Sometimes the Antivirus or Firewall may block the internet access to protect your Computer from unauthorized access. If you are receiving DNS Server Not Responding Windows 10 try disabling the antivirus and Firewall and check if you can access the internet. Do not forget to enable the antivirus features again.

Check The Internet Connectivity

We also suggest you check the Internet Connectivity. Make sure that the Router is working properly and have a proper internet connection. If your router is the problem reset it and then use the internet.

Update Windows To The Latest Version

You may get this your DNS Server Not Responding if the Windows Update is pending. Go to the Windows Security and install the updates and check if the error persists.

Get in Touch With Our Tech-Experts

If you are facing DNS Server Not Responding issue and face difficulties in solving yourself. You can contact Microsoft Customer Support Services for immediate solutions. The tech experts at Microsoft Support are very skilled and can solve all Network related issues on Windows 10.

You can dial our Microsoft Customer Support Number +1-855-334-7340 and talk to our executives and get assistance. Another option is to contact us on the official Support mail address [email protected]. You can chat with our executives on our Online Chat Portal. Don’t hesitate to call us and avail the best services.