Can’t Open Links In Outlook: Effective Solutions From Outlook Experts

Outlook is a standalone application that manages your emails as well as calendar events, notes and is developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. It is much popular for its excellent features and user-friendly platform. Though it is a most convenient one being a technical software it is not free from the errors. Users are facing common technical glitches whenever they are trying to use it. If you are one of them with a faulty Outlook then you can’t open links in Outlook any time. If you face so, don’t worry. We have remarkable solutions for the particular error. In order to resolve the matter at first, you should know the causes behind the problem which will smoothen the process of troubleshooting.

Can’t Open Links In Outlook|What Causes this Error?

You may encounter Hyperlink error at times whenever you are trying to access your Outlook account. There are several common reasons why you can’t open links in Outlook. They are listed below-

  • Registry File– It can happen that you are getting this error due to damaged registry files of your system.
  • Browser Internal Settings– You may get this error due to the internal settings error of your browser.

Easy Hacks To Resolve Links Won’t Open In Outlook |Tech Solutions

The moment you encounter this particular error, you need is to resolve the matter on your own. If you are not aware of the troubleshooting process then don’t worry. With the help of this support article, you will be able to fix the matter on your own. So, let’s focus on the solution part now.

Method 1: Restart Your Computer

if you can’t open links in Outlook, then try to restart or reboot your computer. It will refresh your system and after this process is done, wait for sometime and check whether the issue is resolved. If the error still persists then you should try another method.

Method 2: Reset Default Browser

You should try to reset your default browser to get rid of this error. To do so, go to the Settings and change or reset the default browser. After this process, try to access your Outlook account with another browser. This method will resolve the issue, if not then try another method.

Method 3: Repair Registry Files

May you are facing the issue due to one or more damaged registry files. Try to repair or change the damaged registry files. After the process done, check whether the link issue is gone or try another method.

You can also import or export registry keys from another system, as an alternative method.

If you can’t resolve the matter after trying several processes then you can directly contact us for further help and support at an affordable cost at any time.

Contact Us For Further Support| Affordable Solutions

Hope you have already resolved your Outlook Error. If you are a tech-savvy person who wants to repair the Outlook with the help of experts, then you can directly contact us for further help and support. Technicians are available through various communication systems.

You can dial at Outlook Support Number +1-855-334-7340 any time whenever you need further assistance.

You can also mail us by addressing your issue in brief.  In this case, we will provide you with instant solutions to eradicate the issue.

If you are facing any network issue while placing us a call or you are getting a busy tone against the dialled number then you can avail live chat facility any time. Technicians are ready to resolve your trouble at an affordable cost.