Reinstall Microsoft Edge: Affordable Solution is Here!

Microsoft Edge is a popular web browser which includes Xbox, annotations and other innovative apps. Moreover, its user-friendly accessibility and Microsoft based platform make the browser preferred among users. However, it is not free from all technical glitches and Edge may run out of performance, Therefore, you have to uninstall and relaunch it without any confliction. But, if you are not tech-savvy, you can’t do the entire process successfully like uninstallation, reinstall Microsoft edge, etc. However, our technical team provide the best Microsoft support and are skilled to sort out your problem effectively.

What are The Major Issues Behind Reinstall Microsoft Edge?

Sometimes, the browser Microsoft edge becomes slow to load a page. You may open your Edge browser but the globe logo may whirl on the top of the page and will restrict the display. It may be either due to network connectivity or the browser update issue.

Besides this, the problem may arise while you have the updated the browser but it blocks your search pages. Due to the authentication issue, the browser prevents that specific page and limits an access boundary. So, you may not be able to reinstall Microsoft edge without removing this Microsoft Edge certification error!

Again, you may see that your Microsoft edge is not responding while you are clicking on that browser. Similarly, you may see the Edge icon is missing from Windows 10.

The above reasons are responsible for removing and reinstalling Microsoft Edge. However, we have also discussed the methods which help you to reinstall your Edge browser.

How To Reinstall Microsoft Edge Browser?  Easy solutions

Solution 1:

First, click on Start button and you will get a gear button on the left side of the menu. Click on that; you will get the Settings properties Window.

Secondly, choose the Apps submenu with a single click, you will get Apps & features option. Under this option, select edge Microsoft and select it.

Thirdly, click on Advanced options and a new Window will open.

Finally, go to the bottom of the page by scrolling the horizontal bar and click on Repair button to repair. Therefore, click on the Reset button to modify the settings and relaunch the Edge browser successfully.

If you are facing difficulty regarding how to reinstall Microsoft Edge, you may use the next process(Solution 2).

Solution 2:

First, close all the tabs of the Microsoft browser if you are working with it. Now, open your “File Explorer” from typing it in the search box.

Then, at the upper section of the Explorer Window, click on ‘View’ to see the entire data of the Window. After that, you will get multiple options along with the checkboxes. Tick on the hidden icon checkboxes to see the secret app data.

Now, open the “App-data” by double-clicking on it. Here you will get another folder named “Local,” and under this folder, you may see “Packages.”

Therefore, you may notice multiple apps under this section. From there, you may select the Microsoft Edge folder and delete it. So, your device will show a dialog box as a delete confirmation message. Finally, choose “Yes” to eliminate the software permanently.

After that, close your system and restart your device. Now, type Powershell in the search box and right click on the Powershell option. Click on Run as Administrator option and type the following command

“Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml” -Verbose} ”  and press Enter to proceed the command.

Finally, reboot your system and reinstall your Edge browser.

If you are encountering difficulty to reinstall Microsoft Edge, you may connect with the experts at our technical team for immediate assistance.

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