Outlook The Information Store Cannot Be Opened: Instant Technical Solution

MS outlook is one of the most used email applications which comes with multiple features like task manager, calendar, etc. Though it offers such useful features, sometimes it may face error which may not be easy for you to resolve. Users come across multiple problems like Outlook the information store cannot be opened. It is a very known problem and has a specific solution.

If you come across Outlook error then seeking expert’s assistance will benefit you. Our Outlook Customer Service has best-in-class trained professionals who are working in this field for a long time.

But if you want to solve this problem by yourself, then you can go through this article to obtain a specific solution.

Probable Reasons for Outlook the Information Store Cannot Be Opened

The most probable cause for Outlook the information store cannot be opened is when there are corrupted navigation pane settings. But the chances of this corruption is quite low. The best way to detect whether the file is corrupted is when the size of the data is 0 KB.

The exact cause of this error is unknown and the problem is universal. Another possible reason maybe if your Outlook runs in the compatibility mode. Also if the outlook data file got corrupted or deleted somehow, then even the error Outlook the information store cannot be opened occurs.

Now check out the methods to solve this specific error effectively.

Methods to solve the Outlook error

The first method to resolve the error is to repair the outlook data file. To fix it follow the below steps.

  1. Press the Windows and F key together to open the search dialogue box. Type ‘exe’ in the search box and tap enter. After that select the local disk C and then choose the program files. Now select the program files, then click on the search box and type scanost.exe in the search box again.
  2. SCANOST file is located, open this file. Now OST checks will open. Go to the repair error box and begin a scan. Now all the data will be scanned. Close all the program. The .ost file will be repaired.

Another method is to switch off the compatibility mode of Outlook. It is very easy to switch off the compatibility mode. Follow the given steps.

  1. Go to the local disc C then to the program files. After that go to the Microsoft office> Office XX then go to the outlook.exe.
  2. Click on the outlook.exe and then click on the properties see the compatibility tab. Uncheck the ‘run this compatibility’ option and tap on apply option. It will turn off the compatibility mode.

If you are running the firewall, then Disable it because sometimes firewall also causes the problem. After the issue is resolved, you can run the firewall as usual if you want.

After performing the above steps, your issue will be resolved. If the problem persists, then you can directly contact our support team for quick solutions.

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