Outlook Server Unavailable: Remove Technical Glitches With A Call

Outlook is an email client application developed by Microsoft that allows users to send and receive emails quickly. It comes with endless features like calendar, contact list, and task manager. Despite its useful features, users often complain about Outlook server unavailable and worry about what to do next. If you are facing severe troubles while signing in to Outlook, then probably it is infected by the error. Read the following article and resolve the problem on your own.

Outlook Server Unavailable: The Probable Reasons

The Outlook servers may cause serious issues when there is no internet connection. When you try to start your Outlook profile, pop-ups come up and crash your working tap. This is a common symptom that many users face. Check out the reasons for such errors:

  1. The message Outlook server not available may pop up if there is no connection between the Outlook servers and the home or office network you are using.
  2. Similarly, if the Outlook is not properly set up while installing or updating, such an issue will occur.
  3. Corrupt pst, junk files, cookies are additional determinants of this trouble.
  4. Restrictions from the third party applications, security suites, and Firewall settings can stop the Outlook from working.
  5. Any recent changes in your system may change the configuration of Outlook and it may not recognize the user.
  6. Problems in the account settings, user ID and password, will trigger similar issues.
  7. Extensions and add-ons on the Operating System may interfere with the Outlook server.

These are some common grounds that may lead to Outlook server unavailable error. But you should not worry. We have some easy tips for eliminating the problem. Follow them carefully. In case, the trouble does not resolve, dial Outlook support number instantly for exclusive Outlook services.

Troubleshoot Outlook The Server Is Unavailable Error

At first, you can check the internet connection. Switch off your modem and wait for a few minutes. Then turn it on and check whether the WiFi is active in your device. If you can sign in to your Outlook account without hassle, then the problem is solved. Otherwise, move on to the next method.

  1. Remove the cache, cookies and pst files. Once the browsing history is clear, try to download and install the latest version of Outlook. Now, sign in to your profile using the correct user ID and password.
  2. If the Microsoft exchange server does not have appropriate information about the registry, Outlook servers may not be able to identify the user. Hence, in this case, you can import the registry details from other computer or browser. But this method is a bit risky and can lead to data loss.

Thus, if your problem keeps occurring, do not depend on the third party repair tools. Dial our customer number and talk to the Microsoft representatives.

Is Outlook Server Unavailable On Your Device? Seek Help From Microsoft Support Team

Microsoft Support team consists of a pool of experts who have been dealing with Outlook problems for years. They are well versed and equipped to deal with any Outlook problem. Our Outlook specialists understand what the customer goes through when their Outlook does not work and displays the message Outlook server unavailable frequently. Thus, when none of the methods works, dial Outlook Technical Helpline Number  +1-855-334-7340 for exclusive Outlook Repair Services.

You can also email all your doubts to the mailing address [email protected] or connect with the experts via the live chat support. On that portal, our representatives will talk to you directly. Our Microsoft technicians are available 24×7 and respond quickly to all your questions. So choose any medium and speak to our executives without hesitation.