Outlook Notifications Not Working : Get Easy Solution With Our Certified Engineers

If you are using Outlook account and stop getting the alerts all of a sudden, it may occur due to Outlook notifications not working issue. When you are using Microsoft Outlook for sending and receiving emails, the ‘Notification’ option makes the managing task easier. It notifies you regarding every new incoming message by playing a sound, showing an email alert at the desktop and displaying an envelope on your taskbar. If your alerts are stopped, rebooting the device or restarting Outlook may help, but only technical experts can solve this error properly. You may check out this article for learning easy steps, but you can also call Microsoft Support team to avail effective solutions at a reasonable price.

Reasons Behind Outlook Notifications Not Working Error

You can face this problem of Outlook notifications not working due to various reasons. However, in order to troubleshoot with the help of a certified professional, you need to know what causes this Outlook notification problem. Hence, we will discuss a few instances when you can get this error while working with Windows Live Mail.

Before discussing the causes, you must note one thing that the notification may not appear during the initial profile synchronization in Outlook. So, if you have just opened your account or sending and receiving emails for the first time, not getting notification may seem like an Outlook error.

Many users are facing this issue due to a corrupted email profile in Microsoft Outlook webmail system. This error blocks access to emails and disables the notification icons on their desktops.

If the registry files in Windows is having any error or damaged data, it can affect the Outlook server and block the alerts. So, you may not receive an Outlook email notification sound on your desktop due to registry editor issues.

Few customers are getting this error after upgrading their operating system to Windows 10. So, if the Outlook program files are incompatible with Windows 10 version, your notification alerts won’t work anymore.

Apart from the causes mentioned above, there can be more advanced issues with your Outlook and Webmail settings. Hence, it is recommended to seek professional assistance to resolve this error. You can also contact certified technicians of the Microsoft support team for providing instant solutions on Outlook Errors.

Methods To Resolve Outlook Email Notification Sound Problems

Apply these following methods to fix the error of Outlook email notification sound problem:

Method 1 – By changing Outlook settings

You can manage notification settings from ‘Action Center’ and go to ‘Notifications and Actions’. In case the mail app is not present in the drop-down list, you won’t receive Outlook notifications. Hence, enable the options of receiving notifications and save the settings changes.

Method 2 – By applying new rules to manage notifications

Click on ‘Home’ tab on Outlook 2010 and go to ‘Manage rules and alert’. Then select ‘New Rule Button’ on the ‘Emails rule tab’ and click on ‘Apply rule on message I receive’. You can choose from the blank rule and select appropriate notification options and choose ‘Display a desktop alert’.

Method 3 – By configuring automatic start for  Windows Audio Services

You can also enable System sound options by using task schedule so that the Windows Audio services can start automatically. Install the feature to identify Outlook notification sound with Windows settings.

Consult Microsoft Support To Fix Notifications Not Working Outlook  Issue

In case, none of the troubleshooting steps works for you, consults our Microsoft Support to avail advanced solutions to resolve Outlook notifications problems. Our Microsoft Support team comprises of highly talented software professionals and troubleshooters to resolve Outlook issues.

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