Simple Ways To Fix Outlook Keeps Crashing Windows 10 Error

Many users are encountering Outlook keeps crashing Windows 10 issue and can’t figure out the reasons behind this trouble. Although the reason can be due to some bad Outlook system files that are responsible for the crash, however, don’t ignore other technical causes as well. In this article, you will get to know more about this Outlook error that causes Windows to crash. Also, you will learn how to resolve this Outlook crash issues with simple troubleshooting steps. If you are searching for professional assistance, contact the Microsoft support team to fix this error quickly and at an affordable price.

Why Outlook Keeps Crashing Windows 10?

As reported by many Windows 10 users, they are facing this issue right after installing Office 2016 in their devices. However, it is impossible to figure out the actual reason behind Outlook keeps crashing Windows 10 error, without any help from certified technicians. So, first let’s discuss what are the possible causes of this error and what troubles the customers are experiencing due to Windows 10 crashes.

Most Outlook 2016 customers are having issues with the startup process in Windows 10. Due to compatibility issues with device OS, Outlook is crashing the system even in Safe Mode, thus resulting in this error.

Due to corrupted files, sometimes you may notice that Outlook is not working properly and even freezing in between tasks. This is the most common issue most users are facing.

Users may face troubles while sending emails and even loading Outlook profiles. This generally occurs due to registry errors in the system files and requires help from certified troubleshooters to fix it.

You may even face Outlook error along with the issue of Event ID 1000, which needs troubleshooting steps from software professionals to fix and prevent crashes. For more details on these errors and fixing Outlook crashing Windows 10 issue, you can contact Microsoft Support team for best ever guided support.

Sometimes your email client may crash following the launch of Outlook on your Windows 10 system. This error usually occurs due to an error with AppVlsvSubsystems32.dll, which may stop Outlook 2016 instantly.

Due to various .dll files in Outlook 2016, users may face difficulty while working with Windows 10. This issue can be regarding system bugs that further corrupts files like kernelbase.dll, rundll32, ntdll.dll and olmapi32.dll. You can resolve these bugs to fix Windows crashes by contacting experienced technicians with a call.

Steps To Resolve Outlook Crashing Windows 10

Follow these steps to troubleshoot Outlook crashing Windows 10 error.

Step 1- Investigate add-ins related causes in Outlook

Use ‘Win+R’ and type ‘Outlook/safe’ in the search box then run it. In case the issue is resolved, go to ‘Options’ and select ‘Add-Ins’ from the ‘File’ menu. After this, you must click on ‘COM Add-ins’, then on ‘Go’ and clear checkboxes and press ‘OK. Finally, restart Outlook on your Windows 10 to save changes and resolve this crash error.

Step 2-Uninstall and repair Microsoft Office

Use ‘Control Panel’ to uninstall Microsoft Office and perform an Online Repair on the Office Installation tab. For most users, this method may fix the Outlook error and Windows crash instantly.

Step 3- Create a new profile for Microsoft Outlook

One of the best solutions to fix this issue is by creating a new Outlook profile and start working on it.

You may also run Outlook Diagnostics to resolve this error, so contact Microsoft support team to help with running this recovery program.

Fix Outlook Crashing Windows 10 With Microsoft Support

Outlook keeps crashing Windows 10 is a common issue which users face more often. However, the experts of Microsoft Support team are dedicated to resolve this error by applying the latest troubleshooting methods after approving it from certified professionals.

Our technical solutions are 100% genuine and tested, hence, you can rely on us with your Outlook errors completely.

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