How to Fix: Nvidia Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003

A number of Windows users reported lately that they are unable to use any feature associated with Nvidia as the Nvidia GeForce experience error code 0x0003 appears on the display.

Also, an error message saying ‘Something went wrong. Try rebooting your PC and then launch GeForce Experience. Error Code: 0x0003’ continually pops up on the display.

What Causes Nvidia Error Code 0x0003?

Numerous factors can be responsible for this error code. Among them, some common reasons are:

  • If some mandatory Nvidia services are not running
  • Sometimes, corrupt Nvidia drivers can also be responsible for this bug.
  • Occasionally, you might notice this particular error code if the network adapter gets stuck.
  • It is also noticed that sometimes this error code can be triggered after a Windows update.

Easy and Effective Fixes for Nvidia Geforce Experience Error Code 0x0003

Now, to get the best result, it is highly suggested to follow the solutions in the order they are presented. We believe one of the undermentioned solutions will surely fix the error for you.

Solution 1- Check Nvidia Related Services

At first, we suggest you modify the Nvidia related services before going to other complicated solutions. To do so, go through the steps below.

Step 1

Press the Windows and R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog box. 

Once it opens, enter ‘services.msc’ within the Run box and press the Enter key to open the Service window. 

Step 2

Next, tap on the Yes button to grant the administrative privileges. Under this section, you need to locate the Nvidia Telemetry Container.

Step 3

Now, right-click on it and select Properties from the available options. 

Step 4

Then, the Properties page will appear on the display. Under this part, go to the Log On tab and check the box beside the ‘Allow Service to Interact with Desktop’ option.

Step 5

Next, click on Apply followed by OK to save the changes. Then, you have to return to the previous screen where you can see the list of services.

Step 6

Here, you need to locate and right-click on the Nvidia Display Service and Nvidia Local System Container.

Thereafter, you should move to the context menu and tap on Start to make sure that all of them are running properly.

Now check if the problem is resolved or not.

Solution 2- Run the Network Adapter Troubleshooter

If you find the above solution is not working for you, then we suggest you run the Network Adapter Troubleshooter. 

To apply this solution on your device, follow the directions below.

  1. In the beginning, press the Windows and the I keys together to open Windows Settings.
  2. Next, go to the Update & Security section and click on it.
  3. After that, a new page will appear on the screen. Here, you should move to the left sidebar and tap on the Troubleshoot option.
  4. Now, navigate to the right sidebar and locate the Network Adapter. 
  5. Next, tap on the Run the Troubleshooter button and let the system scan for problems.

After the scan completes, if you are still facing the Nvidia GeForce experience error code 0x0003, then try the next solution to fix the issue.

Solution 3-  Reinstall every Nvidia Component

You can also try to reinstall every Nvidia component to fix this error. Here is how to do so.

First, open a Run dialog box. For that, you should press the Windows and R keys together from your keyboard.

Then, enter ‘appwiz.cpl’ in the available field and click the OK button. It will lead to the Programs and Feature window.  

On this page, you should drop down and tap on the Publisher option. Then, right-click on the Nvidia corporation and tap on the Uninstall button.

After implementing the task, reboot your machine and wait for the next startup. Finally, you need to download each and every component again. For that, you can either use a CD or visit the official website of Nvidia and download and install them.

Solution 4- Reset the Network Adapter

A recent survey confirmed that resetting the network adapter can fix the error.  In case you don’t know how to do so, then, here is the process.

How to Reset the Network Adapter?

Firstly, right-click on the Start icon and choose Run from the user menu. 

Then, enter ‘cmd’ in the given field and press the Ctrl+ Shift+ Enter keys together to open the Elevated Command Prompt.

Now, tap on the Yes button for confirmation. After that, type ‘netsh winsock reset’ on the Command Prompt screen and press the OK key to reset the network adapter.

Now, reboot your computer and check if the issue persists or not.

Solution 5- Check for the Windows Updates

In case, the Windows device that you are using is outdated, then you might receive this error code. So, you should keep your device up to date.

At first, get access to the Settings window by pressing the Windows and I keys together. Next, move to the Update & Security category.

On the next page, click on the Check for Update button. Follow the online instructions and download and install the pending download.

Solution 6- Manually Install the Latest Graphics Card 

This is the last solution that you can try to fix the error code 0x0003. As said earlier, an outdated graphics card can lead to this problem. 

Here are the steps that should be followed to apply this solution on your system.

Step 1

Install a new graphics card on your system and boot up your device. Next, click on the Start menu.

Step 2

Next, move to Control Panel. Then, you have to tap on the Add New Hardware option. 

Step 3

Now, check the box beside the ‘Yes, I have already connected the hardware’ option. In addition, you should click on the ‘Add a New Hardware Device’ option.

Step 4

Thereafter check the box beside the ‘Install the hardware that I manually select from a list’ option. Then, tap on the Next button.

Step 5

On the next window, you should click on the Have Disk option. Then, navigate to the location where the graphics card drivers are located.

After that, click on the Ok button to save the changes.