NVIDIA Driver Crashing Windows 10: Brilliant Troubleshooting Tips

While you are trying to update your Windows to Windows 10, you may face many issues with NVIDIA graphics card driver. NVIDIA driver crashing Windows 10 is a standard issue which most of the users face. The technical glitch generally occurs during the installation of the Windows update. Sometimes, you may also encounter driver crashing problems which in turn occurs due to the same reason. There are plenty of fixes for this problem.

You need to be calm and you must focus on the reasons first. Knowing the roots and verifying the problem will be the first step towards solving the error. Therefore have a glimpse at the principal causes which might be responsible for the issue with NVIDIA graphics card. Moreover, you contact the professional support team at NVIDIA support who can guide you towards solving your problem that too with ease.

Primary Reasons That Cause NVIDIA Driver Crashing Windows 10 Problem

  • There can be a problem with the graphics card installation which in turn may cause you the driver crashing issue.
  • There can be a software or driver issue which may be responsible for the problem with NVIDIA drivers keep crashing windows 10, over and over again.
  • Issues can be there with a particular application which may block the Windows 10 access and cause you the error.
  • If your device drivers are not up-to-date then also you may occasionally encounter this specific error in Windows 10.

Here is the summary of what might cause you the NVIDIA driver crashing Windows 10 problem. Lookout for the steps to implement in your machine to solve the issue effectively. If you cannot handle the issue with ease, you may contact the expert professionals at NVIDIA support to seek the necessary advice which you need.

How Can You Effectively Fix NVIDIA Driver Crashing Windows 10 Problem?

You can fix the issue with NVIDIA driver by following the essential fix by the custom installation of all the drivers:

Step 1:

Firstly, you will have to download the updated version of the graphics driver that is there on your computer. Just for safety before installation, it advised checking the compatibility of the driver with your device. Now, locate the latest driver and save the file.

Step 2:

Close all the applications and programs operating on your machine and sign in as the administrator. Now, specify the place where you will install the driver. Finally, proceed with the installation task and install the file you have saved.

Step 3:

Then you will have to accept the license agreement. Then there will be two options for installation. Choose among the Express and Custom installation type. If you choose the Express installation then after the installation you will have to reboot your machine. On the other hand, if you select the Custom option, then you can choose all the components of driver installation as per your preference.

Step 4:

Furthermore, you will have to undertake a clean installation of the file to prevent registry issues. Then you can tap on the next option. After the completion of the installation task, it will be better to restart the PC. When you check for further issues you will see the error no more persists.

Interact With Highly Professional Experts

If the above steps do not help you, then you can take the help of our Microsoft Support to solve the technical issue.

Place a call at Nvidia support number at +1-855-334-7340  and talk to them with ease. They are friendly as well as empathetic so you can explain your issue in detail. Moreover, if you find the helplines busy, then you can opt for the mail option at  [email protected] as well.