Microsoft Edge Opens Then Closes: Professional Assistance With A Call

One of the recent browsers in the market, Microsoft  Edge is loaded with an array of features and is replacing Internet Explorer on the Windows Operating System. It has transformed in recent times, but some issues still crop up. Microsoft Edge opens then closes is one of the many errors that makes Microsoft edge vulnerable. Read the article to resolve the glitch.

Microsoft Edge Opens Then Closes | Exact Reasons Behind The Problem

Though Microsoft Edge is improving day by day and new updates are making entry, it is not flawless. Like every browser, it too faces some critical problems for which the users cannot surf the internet using this browser. There can be diverse reasons why your Microsoft edge is not working or closes on its own. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Your Microsoft Edge crashes when a malicious bug infects it. As a result, you can not open the browser and work on it.
  • Changes in the settings of your Operating System can remove the browser from the registry.
  • Similarly, cache, cookies and junk files can be responsible for the problem.
  • A conflict between the Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Edge is quite evident if your computer is not rebooted to seek security permissions.
  • Another reason behind Microsoft Edge opens then closes is an outdated browser.
  • A problem can crop up if you do not fill up all the credentials required for setting up a new account.  
  • Firewall settings and security suites can also trigger an error message and your Microsoft Edge may open and close on its own.

Apart from these core areas, other problems may also affect the Microsoft Edge. In that respect, you must not overlook the early signs and take immediate steps to eliminate the trouble.

Get Rid Of Microsoft Edge Errors With These Simple Hacks

Though the problem areas may look a little complex, there are some solutions for you. In case the issue persists and you receive pop-ups, dial our support number for exclusive Microsoft Support.

  1. Clear the cache, cookies and junk files and upgrade your Microsoft Edge browser. First, open your Windows and move to More Button icon. Then select the Settings and navigate to the Clear Browsing Data box. Now, choose the option which asks you to clear your data. Once you tap the Clear icon, all the cookies will remove. Restart your computer or restart the browser to see if the issue is resolved.
  2. You can also set up a new account for using the Microsoft Edge. Fill up all the credentials required and use a proper ID and password to log in and surf the internet.
  3. As an alternative, you can enable the Firewall settings of the Windows by selecting the Window key and S simultaneously.  You will reach the Firewall settings. Now select that icon and enable it for both Private and Public Network. If this method does not help, move to the final way.
  4. If none of the hacks works for you, uninstall, download and reinstall the Microsoft Edge to its latest version.

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Struggling With Microsoft Edge? Avail Microsoft Support To Resolve It Immediately

We have a list of experienced and certified engineers who have been working for years to eliminate all the problems that Microsoft Edge users face. They are dedicated, hardworking and examine every hitch minutely.  Hence, you can seek our help for terminating issues like Microsoft Edge opens then closes. Microsoft Support Number  +1-855-334-7340  is available 24×7 and is toll-free. Thus, call anytime and discuss your troubles with the representatives.

Apart from dialling the number, you can email your doubts regarding Microsoft Edge using the mailing address [email protected] Our exclusive Microsoft Professionals will reply you back in no time. You can also opt for live chat portal where you can let us know about the particular Microsoft Edge Support solutions you are looking for. Our support team provides affordable solutions without damaging your pocket.