Recommended Steps For Microsoft Edge Certificate Error

Users often get Microsoft edge certificate error code when there is a problem with a website’s security certificate. Hence, when you try to access your website, this error message appears on your screen and restricts you from entering your website.

This is a major problem that can create other similar issues like certificate error navigation blocked IE11, Certificate error navigation blocked Chrome, Firefox, Certificate error navigation blocked Gmail, Certificate error navigation blocked no continue option, certificate error navigation blocked on every website.

So, if you are facing Microsoft edge certificate error, then fix this issue as soon as possible, else your windows computer can be damaged permanently.

Reasons for Microsoft Edge Security Certificate Error:

There are multiple reasons that cause this Microsoft edge certificate error. To fix this issue you must know the causes first. Therefore, check out the below-mentioned points-

  • If the date and time of your device are not set up correctly then this error code might appear.
  • Installing Trusteer Rapport software in your system is another reason for causing this error.
  • If there is any antivirus software in your device, it interferes with Microsoft edge and develops this error.
  • If the security certificate of your desired browser expired then you might see Microsoft edge security certificate error.

Now you are aware of the causes of this error. Now, check out the ways how you can fix this fault.

Fix Microsoft Edge Certificate Error Step By Step:

Whenever you see this error is appearing, you can try the below-mentioned solutions step by step to fix it. 

Fix 1: Correcting the System Date and Time

As wrong time and date are one of the major reasons for triggering of this Microsoft edge certificate error you can change and correct it.

  • First, Right-click on the time from the bottom-right screen of your system and click on the Adjust Date/Time option.
  • Select Date and Time tab from the window that will pop up on the screen and Under Change date and time option click the Change button. Both Set time automatically and set time zone automatically must be off.
  • Select the time and date and click on Change.
  • Now the system time has been changed successfully.

Fix 2: Delete Trusteer Rapport Software

Sometimes uninstalling software can solve many issues. So, if you see Trusteer Rapport software is causing this error then better you uninstall or disable it. To do it-

  • Locate and open the Rapport.dmg file from where it is installed and double-click on the Uninstall Rapport application from there and open the uninstallation Wizard.
  • Click on the open option, if you see a warning message appearing.
  • Then, click on OK  and start the installation process
  • Next, hit on OK again to give off user admin credentials.
  • Here, you have to copy a captcha then click OK.
  • When the uninstallation will complete, you will get a successful message.

Fix 3: Uninstall Your Antivirus

At times, your antivirus is the reason for causing this error. In this case, you can change some settings and disable it completely. 

If still the issue persists then you might have to delete your antivirus completely. To remove your antivirus follow these steps-

  • Click on Start and type in the search gpedit.msc and click on the first option from the result. (Local Group policy editor).
  • Then, go to computer configuration and click on Administrative templates> then Windows components>Windows Defender Antivirus.
  • Double-click the Turn off Defender Antivirus policy.
  • Check the Enabled option box and then click Apply and then OK.
  • Finally, Restart your system. 

These steps will disable your antivirus permanently from your system.

Fix 4: Renew Browser Certificate 

If the certificate of your browser is expired then, Microsoft edge certificate error might appear any time. 

In this case, renewal of your browser certificate might fix this error. So, if you are using Internet Explorer then check out the below renew procedure-

  • Make sure the certificate should be installed and visible on your website.
  • Then, open your browser (Internet Explorer) and click on Tools and choose Internet options.
  • Open the content tab and Click on certificates option.
  • Next, you can see your certificate under the Personal tab.
  • Once you see it copy and paste the URL from the renewal e-mail or go to the certificates management page and click on Renew.
  • Now, enter your renewal pin that you can get from the renewal email and challenge phrase that you have created.
  • Click on Submit button and Click on the Yes option on the web Access confirmation screen.
  • Click on OK and create a new RSA exchange key.
  • Once successful renewal will complete, a congratulations message will pop-up

Final Overview

These are all simple steps that you can easily follow to fix Microsoft edge certificate error code. It has been observed that this issue can be solved simply by ignoring this error and clicking through it.

But this is not a recommended step that you should follow, better you try out all the steps that has been described in this article to solve this issue and get a better result.