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Mac Outlook Search Not Working: Fix Technical Bugs In Your Budget

Outlook software is basically a Microsoft product. It is used in other operating system platforms such as MacOS. Despite its user-friendly features, you may often notice Mac Outlook search not working. This issue needs a quick remedy because the Outlook manages important tasks for you on a regular basis.

The Outlook is an internet-based email suite which also provides you with calendars, reminders, task managers and contacts. You can even assign multiple users to work with your Outlook software. But every software has its cons besides the advantages. The job becomes harder when you attempt to resolve the glitch on your own.

Why Mac Outlook Search Not Working? Possible Causes

Have a look at some of the causes behind the malfunctioning of your Mac Outlook search not working.

  • There is a possibility that your Mac Outlook version is outdated. As a result of which the search bar is not working.  
  • The MacOS version you are using can report some error which is why you are unable to search for anything in the Outlook software.
  • If the Outlook data files are corrupt, then it can malfunction such as search not working.
  • The connection of your internet can also be a reason. This can make your online software work with glitches.
  • Too much accumulation of junk and temporary files can cause the Outlook to not function properly. This is why your Mac Outlook search not working.
  • Sometimes if your Outlook folder is wrongly located, this creates software issues such as difficulty in searching and many more.

Solve Your Outlook Search Not Working Issues Effortlessly

Take a glimpse at some hassle-free fixes by which you can fix the issue.

Check The Spotlight Privacy Tab

  1. You have to select the “Apple Menu”.
  2. Then choose the “Preference” option from the screen and select the “Spotlight” option.
  3. Now, switch to the “Privacy” tab and search for the Outlook folder of your system or any of its parent folder.
  4. After you got the folder to select it and hit the ‘-‘ button to remove the folder from the privacy tab.
  5. Practice the process wherever you find such folders of Outlook in the Mac.

Moving Messages To Another Account

  1. Open the Outlook software in your Mac.
  2. Select the folder in which you want to make a new folder by holding the Ctrl button.
  3. Now choose the “New folder” and rename it and hot the “Enter” button.
  4. After that press the “Command key’ and select your desired items.
  5. Then you have to move the folders in your “Home” tab by clicking “Move”.
  6. Now, drop the folders to the desired location.
  7. Your messages will be moved to another account where you want to transfer or create a backup.

Uninstall And Reinstall Office For Mac

  1. To follow the procedure first create a backup of your Outlook data.
  2. Then you have to uninstall Office 2011 for your Mac.
  3. After that install Office again.
  4. Then open Outlook in Mac and choose the “Import” command to restore the backup data to your Outlook profile.
  5. Then try a dummy search and check if it’s working.

Contact Outlook Support For Further Assistance

If you face difficulty in carrying out the operations which are given to resolve your issue you can opt for Outlook services. The technicians of our Outlook Customer Service is more efficient compared to other service providers. Moreover, you have the facility to give a feedback on their service performance. This is how Outlook maintains the transparency among its users.

You can call at Outlook Helpdesk Number  +1-855-334-7340 to talk to the experts regarding when your Outlook Mac search not working. Furthermore, you can also drop an email. Our email id at or chat with the executives through the Live Chat Portal.


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