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Easy Tips On How To Turn On Windows Defender  

While surfing through the Windows forum, many users have reported about the error frequently- “turn on Windows Defender.” It is prevalent to appear in any Windows OS while trying to browse the internet without enabling the security firewall on your PC. But what if you don’t know how to turn on Windows Defender?

Well, there is nothing to get worried about, as we have come up with the workarounds which can serve your concern.

How To Turn On Windows Defender?

Method I

One of the most common features of Windows Defender service is to detect the presence of a third-party application in the system. If your computer OS comes under a malware threat, the Windows Defender will disable itself.

Windows is programmed to check the available security applications present in the Action Center. However, the issue occurs when there are multiple security programs installed in the system. It often creates conflict between those security apps, thereby causing a system crash or freeze.

So, to prevent such shortcomings from taking place, it is important to know how to turn on Windows Defender on your PC.

Start with uninstalling the security app and then restart your computer. After that, follow the instructions below to turn Windows Defender on.

  • Tap on the Windows And Q key simultaneously to open up the charms search. Then type Windows Defender in the search box. Press Enter to continue.
  • Next, move to Settings and ensure the option saying ” Turn Real-Time Protection Recommend On” is checked. If not, then tick is as checked.

Didn’t get it properly? Step ahead to the next solution.

Method II

Another critical issue that can affect the proper functioning of the Windows Defender is the inaccurate date and time on your Windows display setup.

Therefore, to avoid such silly faults, update the time and date of the system. Otherwise, it will trigger unusual behavior in your Windows system, leaving you with a doubt regarding how to turn on Windows Defender.

Method III

Another essential factor that can activate security errors in the system is the outdated Windows OS software. It often affects Windows Defender or any other core applications of Windows system.

While talking about the available security apps, it always requires the recent signature updates to keep your PC under protection.

Our experts highly suggest running a complete system update along with its core programs. Then inspect if this solution is fruitful in learning how to turn on Windows Defender or not.

If you are unsuccessful in following any of the above methods, contact our support. Hence, get the best fix for this Microsoft issue.

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