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How To Turn Off Windows 10 Updates Easily: Instant Support From Experts

Windows 10 is a very popular OS developed by Microsoft. Firstly, it is the latest version of this OS. Secondly, It contains several features like Cortana, Xbox. In addition, it is quite user-friendly. Despite being a popular one it is not free from the errors. Users are struggling to resolve it’s frequent technical glitches. If you are having a faulty Windows 10 users then you have to turn off its updates to overcome several issues. If you are searching ways to turn off Windows 10 updates on your own then don’t worry. Try to follow this article carefully and perform this action. In order to fix the update at first, you should know why you should try to turn off Windows updates which will help you in repairing process. So, let’s focus on the reasons behind the issue.

Why You Should Try To Turn Off Windows 10 Updates: Reasons

There are several reasons to fix Windows 10 updates automatically. For instance-

  • Avoid Stuck Error– Sometimes you can face laptop stuck at the time of Windows update. You should try to turn off automatic updates to reduce the chances of getting this type of errors.
  • Avoid Update error– You can face update errors while Windows is trying to update it’s OS. You can also stop auto update to reduce the chances to get update error.
  • Sometimes, you can face several glitches like sound box error, system restores error after updating Windows. You can stop update to avoid that matter.

As you gather much information related to your queries then you should try to focus on the solutions now. It will help you to make the process smooth.

Tips: Don’t turn off your system while updating the system. It will harm your device software permanently. Once, you start a device update then try to complete the process completely.

Easy Hacks To Turn Off Automatic Updates Windows 10 On Your Own

In this article, experts have provided easy hacks to turn off automatic updates windows 10 on your own. Try to follow all of them carefully. It is recommended not to skip any methods. So, let’s start now.

Method 1: Meter Network Connection

If you are connected with the internet then you can turn off auto update of your Windows. In this case, go to the network and ethernet settings after that click on the metered connection option to set the connection metered. After this process, if the issue persists, then try to focus another one given below.

Method 2: Disable Windows Update Service

In order to fix Windows auto update go to the services.msc option and find the option ” windows update” and make it disabled. After this process, your update will be fixed.

Method 3: Schedule A Restart

You can set your working hours of yours in your OS. Windows will not update the OS at that time. The OS will be updated in the sleeping mode. To perform so, go to the “Advanced options”. Next, go to the “Active hours” and set your working hours after that click on the “Ok” after that your work will be done. You can also contact reliable technicians to provide you with further support to turn off Windows 10 updates.

Hope you have done with the troubleshooting process. If not, or, if you are a tech-savvy person and don’t know the repairing tasks, you can contact reliable technicians for further help and support at any hour of a day.

Contact  Reliable Technicians For Further Support

If you are unable to turn off Windows 10 updates on your own then you should try to contact reliable technicians for further Microsoft  Assistance. Technicians are available through various communication methods round the clock.

You can place a call at Windows Support Desk Number +1-855-334-7340 to get on-call support.

If you are getting the phone lines busy then you can drop a mail at by addressing your issue. Otherwise, you can send a service request via the Windows support live chat portal.

Technicians will be there to help you with remote support all over the world at an affordable rate.

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